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"Coronavirus has no nationality" — By visuals on Unsplash

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COVID-19 scoreboard

Reported cases and deaths by country, ordered by totals


Signs You've Already Had COVID, According to Doctors — eatthis — 26 November 2020

New early coronavirus symptoms have been discovered: nasal dryness- study — jpost — 26 November 2020

This new tool helps you calculate your event’s risk of COVID-19 — weforum — 25 November 2020

Two School Districts Had Different Mask Policies. Only One Had a Teacher on a Ventilator. — propublica — 22 November 2020

Small social gatherings scapegoated for virus spreading — nytimes — 23 November 2020

"For some politicians, it’s easier to point to the individual actions of private citizens rather than enact the politically fraught public health rules that may actually make a difference, like closing businesses and mandating mask-wearing."

CDC recommends preflight testing for those planning to fly internationally — washingtonpost — 22 November 2020

Airflow studies reveal strategies to reduce indoor transmission of COVID-19 — eurekalert — 22 November 2020

Staying six feet apart "offers little protection from pathogen-bearing aerosol droplets sufficiently small to be continuously mixed through an indoor space."

COVID Symptoms Usually Appear in This Order, Study Finds — eatthis — 21 November 2020

Fever, cough, muscle pain, nauseau and/or vomiting, diarrhoea

COVID-19 patients have immunity for six months, study finds — euronews — 20 November 2020

AI Predicts Highest Risk U.S. Counties During Covid-19 Surge — directrelief — 20 November 2020

Another Study Finds Covid-19 Can Spread On Long Airline Flights — forbes — 20 November 2020

Lockdowns In Europe Avoidable, School Closures Not Effective - WHO Europe — news18 — 19 November 2020

One of California Gov. Newsom's children quarantines after potential exposure from classmate at school — politico — 20 November 2020

W.H.O. Rejects Antiviral Drug Remdesivir as a Covid Treatment — nytimes — 19 November 2020

Please Ignore the ‘Mouthwash Kills COVID’ Story — vice — 17 November 2020

Hackers sponsored by Russia and North Korea are targeting COVID-19 researchers — arstechnica — 14 November 2020

Switzerland starts 'rolling review' of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine — jpost — 13 November 2020

Catchup: Restaurants, gyms, hotels pose highest COVID-19 risk, new U.S. study says — cbsnews — 12 November 2020

Masks do protect wearers from Covid-19 after all, US CDC finally admits — scmp — 12 November 2020

WHO told to step up investigations into Covid-19 virus origin — genevasolutions — 11 November 2020

Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine Has a 90 Percent Efficacy Rate: What Does That Mean? — newsweek — 11 November 2020

Pfizer, Eli Lilly Breakthroughs Provide Hope for Ending Pandemic (paywalled: tip - save to Pocket) — bloomberg — 10 November 2020

Pfizer, Eli Lilly Breakthroughs Provide Hope for Ending Pandemic (paywalled: tip - save to Pocket) — bloomberg — 10 November 2020

Brazil suspends trials of China's Sinovac coronavirus vaccine, citing 'serious adverse event' — cnn — 10 November 2020

The WHO is hunting for the coronavirus’s origins. Here are the new details.: Challenges NYTimes election day account — nationalgeographic — 7 November 2020

BBC correspondent: 'Long Covid has left me exhausted for seven months' — bbc — 7 November 2020

Coronavirus rules for care homes are too strict and not science-based — newscientist — 4 November 2020

As U.S. votes, New York Times publishes report that "the World Health Organization concealed concessions to China" and let it "take charge" on coronavirus — nytimes — 3 November 2020

Newest section:

The organization described only progress. Yet it repeatedly declined requests by multiple governments to disclose the investigation terms it had negotiated with China. On Friday, the organization told the Times that it would soon make the documents public.

An executive summary of the documents, obtained by The Times, shows that the health organization’s virus origin studies will unfold in two phases. One will look for the first patients by reviewing hospital records and interviewing people who were treated for the virus in December. The team will also investigate what wildlife was sold at the Wuhan market and follow the supply chain, according to the summary.

The W.H.O. has agreed this phase will be led by Chinese scientists, with outsiders reviewing their work remotely.

In the second phase, international experts will work with Chinese colleagues to find the virus among animal hosts and a possible intermediate host.

No date has been set for a visit, though diplomats say China and the health organization appear eager to pause until after the American election. Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic nominee, has said he will keep the U.S. in the organization if he wins.

The organization solicited experts for the mission and the United States recommended three government scientists. None made the team, a senior American official said. But the W.H.O. has not made the list public. It said on Monday morning that an independent American scientist was on the list.

This group is said to have met for the first time on Friday, 30 October.


Coronavirus live news: Swedish royals self-isolating after positive test; Germany extends partial lockdown — theguardian — 26 November 2020

Sudan's Former PM Sadiq Al-Mahdi Dies Of Coronavirus — afp/barrons — 26 November 2020

Nationwide coronavirus surge pushes hospitals to the edge — cbsnews — 25 November 2020

Covid-19: World's top latex glove maker (in Malaysia) shuts factories after almost half workers test positive — bbc — 24 November 2020

Coronavirus: United States soars past 12 million cases as virus spreads rapidly — AP/scmp — 22 November 2020

Mexico reaches 100,000 COVID deaths — dw — 21 November 2020

US seeing unprecedented coronavirus spread, White House says — cnn — 20 November 2020

Mexico Covid-19 deaths exceed 100,000, making it fourth country to pass grim milestone — news wires/france24 — 20 November 2020

African continent hits 2 million confirmed coronavirus cases — abcnews — 19 November 2020

The mystery of Bristol's soaring Covid-19 infection rate — source — 19 November 2020

Bill Gates says more than 50% of business travel will disappear in post-coronavirus world — cnbc — 17 November 2020

North Dakota Hits Highest COVID-19 Mortality Rate In The World — huffpost — 16 November 2020

Email reveals 65 virus cases, with 1 cluster, in WHO Geneva staff — apnews — 16 November 2020

Pandemic leads tens of thousands of international students to delay plans to enter U.S. colleges, survey shows — washingtonpost — 16 November 2020

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson self-isolating after coronavirus exposure — nbcnews — 16 November 2020

WHO dashboard documents record daily Covid-19 cases — france24 — 15 November 2020

Restaurants, gyms, hotels pose highest COVID-19 risk, new U.S. study says — cbsnews — 12 November 2020

Billionaire Trump donors contract Covid-19 after downplaying risks — theguardian — 12 November 2020

Pacific isles among the last virus-free places — apnews — 12 November 2020

U.S. hospitalizations hit all-time high with 145,000 new infections — washingtonpost — 12 November 2020

France worst affected country in Europe — dw — 12 November 2020

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy tests positive for COVID-19 — aljazeera — 9 November 2020

U.S. reports 130,000 new coronavirus cases, fourth straight daily record — reuters — 8 November 2020

French COVID-19 deaths top 40,000 — reuters/msn — 8 November 2020

Italy hits record 39,800 daily coronavirus cases — pbs — 7 November 2020

Coronavirus: US breaks daily record for third consecutive day with 121,000 new cases — AFP/euronews — 7 November 2020

United States tops 100,000 new coronavirus cases in a day for first time — washingtonpost — 5 November 2020

Four Italian regions, including Milan, put under lockdown — AP/yahoo — 4 November 2020

UK records highest death toll in six months and 20,000 new cases — Reuters/metro — 3 November 2020

Coronavirus: Italy has highest daily death toll in six months, Hungary, Netherlands set new measures — euronews — 3 November 2020

WHO director goes into self-quarantine after contact with person exposed to COVID-19 — abcnews — 2 November 2020


Coming to Thailand? Check your insurance and ASQ fine print — thethaiger — 21 November 2020

Rich countries block COVID-19 drugs rights waiver at WTO — aljazeera — 20 November 2020

Danish Prime Minister selects new minister following mink culling scandal — euronews — 19 November 2020

Greece Is Weaponizing the Coronavirus Against Refugees — vice — 13 November 2020

Trump voters are flocking to a TV channel that claims Biden is not president-elect — cnn — 12 November 2020

Trump rails against 'medical deep state' after Pfizer vaccine news comes after Election Day — washingtonpost — 12 November 2020

Italy tightens COVID-19 restrictions for five hard-hit regions — axios — 11 November 2020

Peru's Congress votes to oust president Vizcarra amid pandemic crisis — apnews — 10 November 2020

The resumed WHA73 will take place virtually on 9-14 November 2020, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You will be able follow proceedings via the web. — who — 5 November 2020

Third world war a risk in wake of pandemic, says UK defence chief — theguardian — 8 November 2020

Biden to announce coronavirus task force as part of presidential transition — cnn — 7 November 2020

In COVID clampdown, China bars travellers from Britain, France, India — reuters — 5 November 2020

Denmark to cull up to 17M minks after coronavirus mutation spreads to humans — globalnews — 4 November 2020

Sri Lanka postpones school reopening — apnews — 3 November 2020

Trump says he's ready to oust Fauci — msnbc — 2 November 2020

WHO director goes into self-quarantine after contact with person exposed to COVID-19 — abcnews — 2 November 2020

Germany launches 4-week partial shutdown to curb coronavirus — AP/pbs — 2 November 2020

Slovakia to test entire population for coronavirus in global first — france24 — 31 October 2020

Taiwan just went 200 days without a locally transmitted Covid-19 case. Here's how they did it — cnn — 30 October 2020


Biggest African Economy Now In Recession as Oil Output Drops (paywalled: tip - save to Pocket) — bloomberg — 21 November 2020

Greece is slashing some income taxes to lure remote workers from abroad — cnbc — 12 November 2020

UK economy grew 15.5% in the third quarter, as it starts to rebound from record plunge — cnbc — 12 November 2020

Pfizer's CEO cashed out 60% of his stock, close to the highest price this year, on the same day the company unveiled the results of its COVID-19 vaccine trial — businessinsider — 11 November 2020

Pandemic puts Indonesia into recession; 1st time in 20 years — AP/wbrz — 5 November 2020

M&S suffers first loss in 94 years as clothing slumps — bbc — 4 November 2020

IATA CEO Alexandre de Juniac: The cost of keeping airlines flying — aljazeera — 31 October 2020

Gas and Oil companies shed 400K workers to survive effect of coronavirus — reuters/jpost — 30 October 2020

Sources for good information about coronavirus

Geneva Environment Network page of sources on COVID-19 — added 28 September 2020

Country charts of deaths from COVID-19: US

Country charts of deaths from COVID-19: Switzerland

Reported cases and deaths by country, ordered by totals

A Swiss scientist's infographic about COVID-19 in Switzerland: much the best source — Added 31 August 2020

Official Swiss COVID-19 page (LINK)

John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center — Added 30 August 2020