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"Coronavirus has no nationality" — By visuals on Unsplash

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Sources for good information about coronavirus

Geneva Environment Network page of sources on COVID-19 — added 28 September 2020

Country charts of deaths from COVID-19: US

Country charts of deaths from COVID-19: Switzerland

Reported cases and deaths by country, ordered by totals

A Swiss scientist's infographic about COVID-19 in Switzerland: much the best source — Added 31 August 2020

Official Swiss COVID-19 page (LINK)

John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center — Added 30 August 2020

New W.H.O. advisory on corticosteroids for COVID-19 — 2 September 2020

NYTimes report: Steroids Can Be Lifesaving for Covid-19 Patients, Scientists Report

Actual Covid-19 case count could be 6 to 24 times higher than official estimates, CDC study shows — 21 July 2020

UNICEF framework for reopening schools (PDF) — June 2020

Coronavirus News Aggregators etc.

NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn’t happen this week — 4 September 2020

Sign up for New York Times coronavirus feed (LINK)

Daily update of COVID-19 trade measures (LINK)

ePubs from leading economists: e.g. face masks reduced infections by 40% in Germany (LINK)

News roundups from the World Economic Forum (LINK)

New Humanitarian weekly roundup (LINK)

ReliefWeb updates on COVID-19 (LINK)

New America/ASU Coronavirus Daily Brief (LINK)

Updates on COVID-19 and the environment (LINK)

Axios: graphics and commentary (LINK)


Study: Neanderthal genes could increase risk for severe COVID-19 — euronews — 30 September 2020

Researchers figure out why coronavirus kills people with no other medical conditions — bgr — 28 September 2020

Puzzled scientists seek reasons behind Africa's low fatality rates from pandemic — reuters — 29 September 2020

Coronavirus vaccination in Brazil to be monitored using blockchain — cryptopolitan — 25 September 2020

We May Finally Know a Molecular Reason Why COVID-19 Is So Deadly, But Only For Some — sciencealert — 25 September 2020

Asymptomatic individuals "may act as an essential driving force for the community spread of COVID-19", according to researchers — huffpost — 25 September 2020

We May Finally Know a Molecular Reason Why COVID-19 Is So Deadly, But Only For Some — sciencealert — 25 September 2020

Africa’s low COVID-19 death rate has multiple causes, WHO says — theglobeandmail — 25 September 2020

Related GLOBAL-GENEVA piece: Not just a health pandemic, but a multi-sectoral crisis requiring Africa specific solutions (LINK)

COVID-19: Around 20 per cent of cases are asymptomatic — sciencefocus — 23 September 2020

Asked about the CDC controversy, Dr Anthony Fauci replied: we don’t know to what degree airborne transmission is occurring but all of the best practices for people – washing hands, wearing masks, social-distancing, avoiding crowds – basically stay the same — bgr — 22 September 2020

Dr. Fauci Recommends Avoiding These Places During the Pandemic — marieclaire — 22 September 2020

Is it safe to go to the dentist right now? The World Health Organization says you should postpone routine visits, but many dentists disagree. — cnet — 22 September 2020

Coronavirus can spread on airline flights, two studies show — 19 September 2020

Related GLOBAL-GENEVA piece: SWISS Air still refusing to social distance on flights (LINK)

50 Experts to Trust in a Pandemic: includes Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus — medium — 18 September 2020

"To understand the coronavirus, what is needed to respond to a pandemic on a global scale, and the ins and outs of the WHO’s response, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is a worthwhile follow as the head of the organization and a very active tweeter."

Coronavirus: WHO warns Europe over 'very serious' Covid surge — bbc — 18 September 2020

Antibody-Based Drug May Reduce COVID-19 Hospitalizations: Study — scientist — 17 September 2020

Explainer: Why Singapore's COVID-19 death rate is the world's lowest — reuters — 17 September 2020

WHO warns Latin America reopening too soon amid COVID-19 risk — aljazeera — 17 September 2020

District hospital records UK's first fatal outbreak of hospital-acquired Covid — theguardian — 15 September 2020

No masks, no distancing: Schools in Denmark defy COVID-19 — with success so far — cbc — 13 September 2020

Redefining Covid-19: Months after infection, patients report breathing difficulty, excessive fatigue — cnn — 13 September 2020

A Dentist's Rules of Oral Hygiene in the Era of Mask-Wearing — wellandgood — 10 September 2020

Eating out is among riskiest activities during COVID-19 pandemic, CDC says: the CDC found adults who tested positive for the coronavirus were about twice as likely than those who tested negative to have gone to a restaurant before getting sick — miamiherald — 10 September 2020

UK announces 'moonshot' coronavirus testing plan: also, The Indonesian capital will go back into lockdown in a bid to contain an escalating outbreak that has pushed hospitals to the brink of collapse. — aljazeera — 10 September 2020

Science and policy – advice from Swiss Public health experts — genevasolutions — 10 September 2020

Vitamin D Nearly Eliminated COVID Hospitalizations, In New Study — mindbodygreen — 9 September 2020

Why COVID-19 is more deadly in people with obesity—even if they're young — sciencemag — 8 September 2020

Still wiping down your grocery store purchases? Coronavirus risk is 'exceedingly small', experts say — usatoday — 8 September 2020

Coronavirus digest: Contact-tracing apps can lead to 15% drop in cases, says Oxford study — dw — 3 September 2020

Convalescent plasma not recommended to treat COVID-19, government panel says — nbcnews — 2 September 2020

US says it will not join global effort to find COVID-19 vaccine — aljazeera — 2 September 2020

Taylor & Francis Group makes all its info on COVID-19 free to read online, including Managing the Global Health Response to Epidemics — taylorandfrancis — 2 September 2020

A Supercomputer Analyzed Covid-19 — and an Interesting New Theory Has Emerged — medium — 1 September 2020


Coronavirus digest: New restrictions in Europe as cases soar — dw — 30 September 2020

Global Covid-19 death toll passes one million — france24 — 28 September 2020

France sees record in new coronavirus infections, with more than 16,000 cases in 24 hours — france24 — 24 September 2020

COVID-19 lockdown birds sang to a different tune — bbc — 24 September 2020

'Unfathomable': US death toll from coronavirus hits 200,000 — apnews — 23 September 2020

WEF: This is the impact home-schooling is having on parents — weforum — 23 September 2020

Bill Gates: The 5 biggest setbacks COVID-19 has had on sustainable development — weforum — 22 September 2020

Nearly 80% displaced people have lost job, income due to virus: refugee council — reuters — 21 September 2020

U.S. Covid-19 death toll surpasses 200,000 — nbcnews — 19 September 2020

Wealth of US billionaires rises by nearly a third during pandemic — theguardian — 17 September 2020

New Report Documents How Climate Migration Could Reshape U.S. — ecowatch — 16 September 2020

Earlier: The Great Climate Migration

Coronavirus: WHO reports record daily rise in new infections — bbc — 14 September 2020

Coronavirus: BBC poll shows stark divide between rich and poor countries — bbc — 11 September 2020

'UN virtual meetings cost us more than face-to-face sessions' — UNOG — 11 September 2020

The International Scientists Getting Pushed Out of the US by Visa Suspension — npr — 8 September 2020

Famous people who have had COVID-19 — wonderwall — 7 September 2020


COVID-19: Global alliance comes to Africa's rescue in vaccine rush — dw — 30 September 2020

UN Deputy Secretary-General at Press Briefing on Meeting on Financing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the Era of COVID 19 and Beyond and Vaccine/ACT-Accelerator — un — 28 September 2020

Digital Diplomacy in the Covid-19 World — passblue — 24 September 2020

At U.N. world leaders criticize haphazard response to pandemic — apnews — 24 September 2020

Saudi Arabia to lift ban on Umrah pilgrimage after seven months, to residents, and then visitors from select countries — dw — 22 September 2020

Coronavirus vaccines: US, China, France and Germany absent from WHO's equal access COVAX coalition — euronews — 21 September 2020

Can COVID-19 inspire a new way of planning African cities?

1) Integrate the informal settlements (mostly slums) in urban planning practice, 2) urban planning to correct geographical and economic imbalances, 3) bring open spaces into the heart of how African cities are planned, and improve management systems for local green space.

— theconversation — 20 September 2020

International transport and supply chains key to COVID-19 recovery: UN agencies — 18 September 2020

France to implement extra Covid-19 measures in Lyon, Nice as cases climb — 17 September 2020

For COVID-19, as with everything else, Americans on the right and left live in different universes when it comes to trusting the media — 17 September 2020

What 2020 has taught us about how to achieve universal health coverage: The public, private and non-profit sectors must be willing to give up some control for long-term success — 17 September 2020

Greece: 4 Afghans charged with arson for fire at Lesbos camp — 16 September 2020

WHO Issues Plea for US $35 Billion To Fast-Track COVID-19 Vaccines As United Nations General Assembly Convenes Virtually — 15 September 2020

Woodward Book Casts New Light On Trump's Fight With WHO — 11 September 2020

RealMe Report Indicates Online Daters Lowered Standards During Covid-19 Quarantine — 10 September 2020

Geneva Macro Labs on Blockchain supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals — 7 September 2020

Amid plans to quit, U.S. will not pay what it owes WHO this year — 2 September 2020

Europe's national soccer teams back in action after 10-month gap — 1 September 2020


An economist explains what COVID-19 has done to the global economy — weforum — 25 September 2020

ILO: global labor income plunged by $3.5 trillion in the first nine months of 2020, a near-11% drop from a year ago — apnews — 23 September 2020

Food Is Now 135% More Expensive Across West and Central Africa and 80% more in Southern Africa — 17 September 2020

Related GLOBAL-GENEVA piece: Coronavirus Stories: Not just a health pandemic, but a multi-sectoral crisis requiring Africa specific solutions (LINK)

Flood of gold from Switzerland to U.S. stopped in August — 17 September 2020

OECD report finds global economic outlook not as bad as expected — 16 September 2020

South Africa's recession worsens as economy shrinks 51% in Q2 — 8 September 2020

U.S. regains 1.4 million jobs in August and unemployment drops to 8.4% as economic recovery shows resilience — 4 September 2020

France prepares €100 billion rescue package to save coronavirus-hit economy: 4 times as much as in 2008 — 2 September 2020

Spain counts the cost of dramatic drop in tourism arrivals for 2020 — 1 September 2020

Daily update of COVID-19 trade measures

macmap (LINK)


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