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COVID-19 scoreboard: Reported cases and deaths by country, ordered by totals


Study reveals high level of hybrid COVID immunity in general Swiss populationnews-medical.net18 October 2022 (LINK)

New omicron subvariant BA.2.75.2 largely evades neutralizing antibodieseurasiareview16 October 2022 (LINK)

Omicron BA.5 is declining in the U.S. as other 6 emerging variants gain ground, CDC data showscnbc14 October 2022 (LINK)

— Three appear to have a growth advantage over BA.5, the most contagious version to date.

Nearly half of COVID survivors haven't fully recovered 6 months later: Studyabcnews13 October 2022 (LINK)

Catchup: New Covid variant alert: Meet omicron's newest cousin, BF.7: it can escape the antibodies from earlier illnesses or vaccinations better than the many other omicron sub-variantslivemint12 October 2022 (LINK)

BA.2.75.2 COVID variant is worrying experts. Here's whydeseret28 September 2022 (LINK)

CDC no longer recommends universal masking in health facilitiesthehill22 September 2022 (LINK)

WHO 'strongly advises against' use of two COVID treatments: sotrovimab and casirivimab-imdevimab, developed early in pandemicyahoo15 September 2022 (LINK)

Another new COVID variant is spreading in the U.K. and U.S. — here's what we know about omicron BA.4.6theconversation13 September 2022 (LINK)

Risk for developing Alzheimer's disease increases by 50-80% in older adults who caught COVID-19neurosciencenews13 September 2022 (LINK)

Almost everything Tucker Carlson said about Anthony Fauci this week was misleading or falsescience25 August 2022 (LINK)

Correcting misinformation about Dr. Faucifactcheck25 August 2022 (LINK)

North Korea says new fever cases were flu, not COVID-19boston25news25 August 2022 (LINK)

Fauci stepping down in Decemberaxios22 August 2022 (LINK)

UK is first to approve COVID vaccine targeting both original strain and Omicron variantground.news15 August 2022 (LINK)

What Is BA.5? Everything we know about symptoms, testing and severitycnet3 August 2022 (LINK)


WHO expects COVID-19 cases to rise in Europethehill13 October 2022 (LINK)

German chancellor Scholz and Interior Minister test positive for coronaviruslapresse26 September 2022 (LINK)

WHO: COVID end 'in sight,' deaths at lowest since March 2020ap / abcnews14 September 2022 (LINK)

WHO: 17 million in Europe experienced long COVID-19dw13 September 2022 (LINK)

North Korea confirms Kim Jong Un had covid—after pushing claims it defeated the virusground.news30 August 2022 (LINK)

WHO: COVID deaths down by 15%, cases fall nearly everywhereground.news25 August 2022 (LINK)

Marshall Islands grapples with first COVID outbreak as thousands test positiveground.news15 August 2022 (LINK)

WHO: COVID-19 cases rise for the 5th week, deaths stableground.news14 July 2022 (LINK)

Dr. Anthony Fauci, 81, tests positive for Covid: he is fully vaccinated and has received two booster shots: "mild symptoms"nbcnews15 June 2022 (LINK)


New Zealand welcomes back first cruise ship since COVID hitground.news12 August 2022 (LINK)

CDC says that vaxxed people exposed to COVID-19 no longer have to isolatedailymail11 August 2022 (LINK)

N Korea claims victory over COVID-19 virus, blames Seoul for outbreakground.news11 August 2022 (LINK)

Germany announces new coronavirus measures for fall, winterground.news4 August 2022 (LINK)

Spain, Italy, France: The latest COVID rules if you test positive while on holiday in Europeeuronews8 July 2022 (LINK)

Sources for good information about coronavirus

Geneva Environment Network page of sources on COVID-19 — added 28 September 2020

Country charts of deaths from COVID-19: US

Country charts of deaths from COVID-19: Switzerland

Reported cases and deaths by country, ordered by totals

A Swiss scientist's infographic about COVID-19 in Switzerland: much the best source — Added 31 August 2020

Official Swiss COVID-19 page (LINK)

John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center — Added 30 August 2020

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