NGOs worry Covid restrictions at Human Rights Council will leave a mark — genevasolutions — 2 March 2021

WHO panel advises against hydroxychloroquine to prevent COVID-19 — abcnews — 2 March 2021

Catchup: A look back at assurances made at the time on the anniversary of the first Swiss Covid case: Daniel Koch, who headed a team of experts looking at the disease, said that the mortality rate of SARS-CoV-2 seems to be fairly similar to the seasonal flu — lenews — 24 February 2021

"Bertrand Kiefer, a doctor, ethicist and editor of the Swiss Medical Review, criticised some of the early communication regarding the pandemic in Switzerland. He thinks it was a mistake to reassure the public in the face of such high uncertainty."

U.N. rights experts seek international inquiry on Navalny poisoning — reuters — 1 March 2021

Bangladesh: UN rights chief urges transparent probe into writer’s death, review of law under which he was charged — — 1 March 2021

Former UNRWA boss hopeful for formal UN exoneration — swissinfo — 1 March 2021

Twelfth Ministerial Conference to take place in Geneva not Kazakhstan in week on 29 November 2021 — wto — 1 March 2021

Colombia 1st in Americas to get vaccines from UN program — apnews — 1 March 2021

High Staff Turnover at U.S. Nursing Homes Poses Risks for Residents' Care — nytimes — 1 March 2021

Biden Rescinds Trump Decision to Turn Sacred Arizona Land Into a Copper Mine — gizmodo — 1 March 2021

Thai protesters, police clash near base of army unit king controls — reuters — 28 February 2021

All English households with school children offered twice weekly COVID tests — reuters — 28 February 2021

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