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Top UN court orders Myanmar to protect Rohingya from genocide

U.N. News (LINK)

WHO declines to declare Chinese virus a global health emergency

The Hill (LINK)

Coronavirus: Chinese officials advise against travel to Wuhan


What It's Like in Wuhan, the Chinese City at the Center of the Deadly Coronavirus Outbreak

TIME was repeatedly threatened with arrest while observing the scene from the street.

Time (LINK)

Coronavirus spreads to Beijing as China confirms 139 new cases over the weekend


Why Experts Are Worried About a New Virus in China

Council on Foreign Relations (LINK)

Trump drops a climate bomb on Davos

BBC: Trump decries climate 'prophets of doom' with Greta Thunberg in audience. (LINK)

Quartz Daily Davos brief: "A roaring geyser of opportunity." The US president showed up late to his much-anticipated address, then delivered a low-spirited, rambling campaign speech, mostly lauding his economic achievements at home. His defiant hubris and optimism did not fit with the generally more subdued mood at the event where climate change is the dominant issue. In fact, Trump called climate activists "prophets of doom," though he did say the US would commit to the trillion-trees initiative, the only part of the speech that was interrupted by applause."

Washington Post: Trump used his plenary moment — the forum's first speech by a major world leader — to take a victory lap of sorts, celebrating the U.S. economic "boom" under his watch. "America is flourishing, and, yes, America is winning again like never before," Trump declared in what was essentially a 30-minute campaign stunt, albeit devoid of the familiar xenophobic demagoguery.

The Hill: Trump at Davos sends warning shot to Europe on trade.(LINK) Trump trade wins seen providing few economic gains. (LINK)

Washington Post (LINK)

How true are Trump's New Year boasts about accomplishments? NOT

Lest old distortions be forgot, reposted by msnnews on 22 January 2020

AP factcheck (LINK)

Six Kremlin Foreign Policy Boasts and Why They're Wrong is a fact-checking website produced by Voice of America (VOA) and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. (LINK)

Climate refugees can't be returned home, says landmark UN human rights ruling

The Pacific Project: The Guardian, U.K. (LINK)

UN warns hunger crisis in southern Africa 'on scale we've not seen before'

A record 45 million people across southern Africa are in need of in urgent need of food aid, the UN has said. The situation is expected to get even worse as the annual cyclone season begins.

dw (LINK)

Your window into Davos

e.g. climate change: by 22 January 6,499 articles mentioned climate change. Donald Trump was mentioned 3,249 times, Greta Thunberg 2,887 times.

"Developed by KPMG International, WEFLIVE is an innovative data visualization platform that aggregates Twitter data from WEF participants, and what the world is saying in response. WEFLIVE – your window into the Annual Meeting – has had one mission since its launch in 2011: to help our audience understand and engage with the WEF Twitter dialogue. In order to achieve this, the platform focuses on smart data analysis and rich, interactive visuals."


Swiss police 'exposed Russian spies in Davos' last August

Tages-Anzeiger says the men, who had diplomatic passports, may have been preparing a spying operation targeting the World Economic Forum (WEF). It adds that the pair, one of whom was posing as a plumber, were subsequently released. Swiss police confirmed to the BBC that two Russians were "checked" in August 2019.


Davos Press Conference: The CEOs Solving the Global Disability Inequality Crisis

weforum (LINK)

World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2020

For the first time in the survey's 10-year outlook, the top five global risks in terms of likelihood are all environmental.

weforum (LINK)

World's richest 2,000 people hold more than poorest 4.6 billion combined: Oxfam

reuters (LINK)

Meet the teenage change-makers making waves at Davos 2020

weforum (LINK)

Davos by the numbers: From climate change to billionaires

Bloomberg (LINK)

Davos delegates are crying crocodile tears over the climate crisis just like they did over inequality

Independent U.K (paywall) (LINK)

The 2020 State of Green Business Report

"The first half of the report shares the 10 trends sustainable business professionals should be tracking in 2020 — the emerging arenas and technologies that GreenBiz editors and analysts believe will be impactful as companies address environmental and social challenges and opportunities.

"The report also offers the State of Green Business Index, produced by Trucost, which tracks nearly 40 indicators of progress over the past five years — including trends in resource efficiency, corporate reporting and transparency, risk assessment and investments in clean technologies."

GreenBiz (requires company info) (LINK)

UN calls for investigation of Saudis allegedly hacking Jeff Bezos

MIT Technology Review (LINK)

Brexit: 31 January EU withdrawal bill becomes law


Are migrants who cross the Channel sent back from the U.K? The answer is not many Iranians


Ocean temperatures hit record high as rate of heating accelerates

The Guardian (LINK)

Tropical cyclones causing billions in losses dominate national catastrophe picture of 2019

munich re (LINK)

This is how The Ocean Cleanup's mission to clear the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is going

weforum (LINK)

Microsoft will be carbon negative by 2030 (LINK)

Climate change protest at Credit Suisse in Lausanne 'necessary and proportional': judge

The activists were charged with trespassing and fined 21,600 Swiss francs ($22,200), but in their appeal hearing Judge Philippe Colelough said they had acted proportionately and waived the fine.

Reuters (LINK)

Whistleblower wins case against Nestlé on appeal

Yasmine Motarjemi, 2019 joint winner of GUE/NGL Award for Journalists, Whistleblowers and Defenders of the Right to Information, won her appeal against Nestlé in her lengthy whistleblowing case in Switzerland on 7 January 2020, her supporters announced.

In a statement she responded: "My judicial battle continues, as I still have to fight on many fronts, including for my financial survival. However, I hope that this recent breakthrough will mark a turning point in my long struggle for ethical behavior, justice and respect for human rights."

Interestingly, I cannot find any Swiss source to point you to.

Global-Geneva report on 4 June 2018

1 in 5 countries will see per capita incomes stagnate or decline this year

United Nations World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) 2020:
"Overreliance on monetary policy is not just insufficient to revive growth, it also entails significant costs, including the exacerbation of financial stability risks. A more balanced policy mix is needed, one that stimulates economic growth while moving towards greater social inclusion, gender equality, and environmentally sustainable production."


US drops designation of China as currency manipulator


'Orwellian' China silencing dissent at home and abroad, says Human Rights Watch chief

Kenneth Roth says China is a 'surveillance state' using its economic clout to stifle international criticism

The Guardian, U.K. (LINK)

The Dixie Chicks Were Cancelled For Criticizing President George W. Bush. Nearly 20 years later, they're Heroes.

refinery29 (LINK)

Greenwald charges are 'existential threat' to journalism in Brazil, says Edward Snowden

The Guardian, U.K. (LINK)

US drinking water contamination with 'forever chemicals' far worse than scientists thought

Highest levels of PFAS in Miami, Philadelphia and New Orleans, report by environmental watchdog find.

The Guardian, U.K. (LINK)

7 countries lose vote in UN General Assembly over arrears

Central African Republic, Gambia, Lesotho, Tonga and Yemen. U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Friday that three other countries — Comoros, Sao Tome and Principe and Somalia — are also in arrears by the assembly decided in October that they can retain their vote until September.


Five new countries on the UN Security Council

Tunisia to represent Arab countries. The others are Vietnam, Niger, Estonia, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

middleeast monitor (LINK)

Call for submissions for the 3rd edition of the Oslo Forum Peacewriter Prize — Innovative ideas for leading peacemakers

Deadline 31 January 2020. The winning entry will be published as part of the briefing material for the 2020 Oslo Forum. Submissions should take the form of an essay and address an audience of mediation practitioners and high-level decision-makers. The maximum essay length is 2,000 words.

hd (LINK)

Singapore's fake news law is facing its first real challenge in court

Quartz (freemium) (LINK)

Innovation Forum "Blockchain Technology in Support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals" concludes at the United Nations

"The forum is a major step in Blockchain Alliance International's collaboration with the United Nations. The outcome of the Forum and of future BAI events will complement the UN efforts as defined in the UN Secretary General's Strategy on New Technologies towards the use of these technologies to accelerate the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and to facilitate their alignment with the values enshrined in the UN Charter and the norms and standards of international law."

crypto-reporter (LINK)

Currency 'Cold War' Takes Center Stage at Pre-Davos Crypto Confab

coindesk (LINK)

Ad fontes media bias chart

"The public beta version of the Media Bias Chart (version 5.0) is now live. See where the news sources fall on the map of the media landscape."

Ad fontes media (LINK)

UK could forfeit security council seat over Chagos Islands dispute

Guardian, U.K. (LINK)

The UK has reached a historic milestone as zero carbon electricity outstripped fossil fuels in 2019 for the first time.

climateaction (LINK)

Oxfam: British carbon output tops Africans' many times over

wral (LINK)

Prince William launches Earthshot Prize to inspire a 'decade of action' on climate

climateaction (LINK)

As measles deaths top 6,000 in DRC, WHO calls for aid

cirap (LINK)

UNESCO warns protection of cultural sites amid escalating US-Iran standoff

xinhuanet (LINK)

Lyft's good-guy image tainted by sexual assault lawsuits


New Smart City near Cancun Will Include Over 7 Million Plants

mymodernmet (LINK)

Monaco: the glitzy European city going green

BBC Travel (LINK)

Al-Shabaab's attacks come amid backdrop of West's waning interest

The Conversation (LINK)

In December


French Executives Found Responsible for 35 Employees' Deaths by Suicide

Three men were convicted of "collective moral harassment" for creating a work environment specifically designed to get employees out "by the window or the door."

vice (LINK)

Edward Snowden's profits from memoir must go to US government, judge rules

The Guardian, U.K. (LINK)

The small cost to end child mining is not a price Big Tech is willing to pay

digitaltrends (LINK)

The 20 best documentaries of the 2010s

vox (LINK)

November news

Nusefile retweets

Youth Writes News: Jobs and courses

United Nations Information Service's Graduate Study Programme 2020

The 58th Graduate Study Programme will be held at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland from Monday, 29 June to Friday, 10 July 2020. Application deadline 20 March 2020. (LINK)

Several Postgraduate Scholarships in International Development at University of East Anglia, UK

Scholarship awards are available to students studying in the School of International Development at the University of East Anglia for entry in September 2020. These can cover part or full tuition fees (UK/EU/International rates) and help support living costs and travel expenses. NB: Application deadline dates to apply for a scholarship can vary. Candidates are advised to check the School of International Development's website for individual deadlines.

opportunitiesforyouth (LINK)

U.S. Council on Foreign Relations Presents World101, a Free Online Course That Explains the Forces Shaping Our World

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has released World101, a free online course that explains the fundamentals of international relations and foreign policy. Using multimedia storytelling, World101 invites those who are new to international relations to investigate what lies at the core of the most important global topics. The program is intended for people of any age, both inside and outside of formal academic settings. The first two units are available now, with modules dedicated to individual topics. The World101 library will expand to include six units.

"The program is flexible: the videos, maps, charts, timelines, and essays that make up a module can be accessed individually or reviewed as a whole," said CFR Vice President of Education Caroline Netchvolodoff. "And each module comes with a library of teaching resources for instructors who plan to use World101 in their classrooms."  

World101 is complemented by Model Diplomacy, CFR's free simulation program that gives students, educators, and others the opportunity to step into the roles of decision-makers on the U.S. National Security Council and UN Security Council.


First online Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Sustainable Finance

The Geneva School of Business Administration (Haute école de gestion Genève – HEG) of the HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland: "to help finance professionals seize growing opportunities offered by responsible investment."


Objectif Sciences International jobs for teachers and researchers

OSI is right now recruiting candidates from all countries through the world on all continents, in science education, physics and nature; participatory research; technologies and crowd Innovation; sustainable tourism; smart finance systems, crowdfunding and fundraising.

Required: French and English speaking facility, to use both languages in work through the ngo teams.


Where My Postgrad Took Me: International Strategy & Diplomacy

The Executive MSc International Strategy & Diplomacy programme at LSE IDEAS

postgraduate search (LINK)

One Acre Fund has 74 jobs free in Africa


HRDAP|ISHR's 2020 training for human rights defenders: apply now!

students at UNOG

ISHR is calling for applications for its flagship Human Rights Defender Advocacy Programme in 2020  — the extensive training programme for human rights defenders. The training will take place in Geneva between 8 and 19 June 2020 and provides defenders with opportunities to put their advocacy skills directly into action at the 44th session of the UN Human Rights Council.