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What comes after COVID-19? A roundup of the best ideas we could find on the Internet

Curated by Peter Hulm

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Harnessing Urbanization to Accelerate SDG Implementation in a Post-COVID-19 World — source — 30 September 2020

Post-COVID-19 Sustainable Cities: What Can Universities Do? — un — 30 September 2020

Thailand tackles unemployment with million jobs expo — reuters — 26 September 2020

Can COVID-19 inspire a new way of planning African cities?

1) Integrate the informal settlements (mostly slums) in urban planning practice, 2) urban planning to correct geographical and economic imbalances, 3) bring open spaces into the heart of how African cities are planned, and improve management systems for local green space.

— theconversation — 20 September 2020

What 2020 has taught us about how to achieve universal health coverage: The public, private and non-profit sectors must be willing to give up some control for long-term success — 17 September 2020

Why industry needs a reset — and how to do it — 16 September 2020

New Report Documents How Climate Migration Could Reshape U.S. — 16 September 2020

Earlier: The Great Climate Migration