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Swiss news from NuseReal: December 2020

Hundreds of British tourists around Verbier 'flee quarantine in Switzerland' — dw — 27 December 2020

Avenir Suisse Swiss Cantonal Freedom Index 2020: the winner is Liechtenstein! — avenir-suisse — 23 December 2020

COVID-19: Switzerland to track British tourists on ski slopes — dw — 22 December 2020

FIFA files criminal complaint against Blatter over museum finance — aljazeera — 22 December 2020

Swiss court rejects Russia's appeal against Olympic doping ban but halves sanction — aljazeera — 17 December 2020

US labels Vietnam and Switzerland currency manipulators: Taiwan, Thailand and India also on watchlist — aljazeera — 17 December 2020

Credit Suisse indicted over alleged ties to Bulgarian mafia — apnews — 17 December 2020

WEF World Competitiveness Report: Few Economies Are Ready for Long-term Prosperity through Improved Public Services, Green Investments and Digitization — wef — 16 December 2020

Countries with advanced digital economies and digital skills have been more successful at keeping their economies running while their citizens worked from home. The Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, Estonia, and the United States have performed well on this measure.

Countries with robust economic safety nets, such as Denmark, Finland, Norway, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland, were well placed to support those who could not work. Similarly, countries with strong financial systems such as Finland, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore, could more easily provide credit to SMEs to prevent insolvency.

Countries that could successfully plan and integrate health, fiscal and social policies have been relatively more successful in mitigating the effects of the crisis, including Singapore, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria and the United Arab Emirates.

Aid crisis: one might have thought that a global pandemic would have led to multilateral cooperation, the exact opposite has taken place — swissinfo — 15 December 2020

Switzerland imposes new Covid-19 curfew to stem rising cases — france24 — 12 December 2020

Switzerland's new clampdown on virus has stoked communal tensions — thelocal — 11 December 2020

Swiss ADC: Climate change adaptation in mountains is crucial — genevasolutions — 11 December 2020

Related GLOBAL-GENEVA piece: How Alpine Resorts are Coping with Climate Change (LINK)

Swiss grad student: Switzerland's updated Paris climate plan lacks sufficient ambition: "If one of the richest countries in the world is not willing to step-up its climate action, who will?" — genevasolutions — 11 December 2020

Swiss Digital Days 2020 videos released: 81 videos, 25+ hours — digitaltage — 10 December 2020

Details revealed of secret deal that gave Chinese spies free rein in Switzerland — theguardian — 9 December 2020

Two ex-Swissair bosses pay CHF 2.7m nearly 20 years after company's economic collapse (French) — 20min — 9 December 2020

Switzerland-Italy train travel to be suspended amid pandemic — apnews — 8 December 2020

Swiss technology used in Azerbaijani military drones, report claims — swissinfo — 7 December 2020

Swiss to evacuate village threatened by vast WWII explosive depot — euronews — 7 December 2020

Sorry Buergenstock, the World Economic Forum will convene the Special Annual Meeting 2021 in Singapore from 13-16 May. — wef — 7 December 2020

Israeli diamond tycoon will attend Guinea graft trial in Geneva, says lawyer — timesofisrael — 6 December 2020

Swiss slopes buzz as those of neighbours sit idle in pandemic — apnews — 5 December 2020

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