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Our coronavirus scoreboard: reliable sources of the latest information on a country-by-country basis (LINK). Non-COVID stories.

COVID-19 news April 2021

These countries are leading the way on a post-pandemic green recoveryweforum29 April 2021 (LINK)

Several northern European economies are cited as doing well – Denmark, Finland, Germany and Norway. The report's authors describe Turkey's recovery spending as a “commendable outlier” which is “not accurately represented” on their graph due to visual limitations.

The report suggests that in Europe, recovery spending has missed a number of potential green investment opportunities and that more could certainly be done. “Only 2.5% of all spending and 18% of recovery spending is likely to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” it states.

Countries that aimed for Covid 'elimination' instead of 'mitigation' fared better genevasolutions29 April 2021 (LINK)

Countries that took the maximum action to curb community transmission and contain the virus - including Australia, Iceland, Japan, South Korea, and New Zealand - had an average death rate that was 25 times lower than countries that implemented restrictions in a more stepwise, targeted manner, according to the group of French-British and Spanish researchers.

California man faces prison after guilty plea in $100 million Afghanistan fraud schemestripes29 April 2021 (LINK)

So you've had your shots, what are the chances of getting COVID-19 now? Here's the answer from Utah — source28 April 2021 (LINK)

The CDC Says These Are the "Least Safe" Places You're Going Right Now bestlifeonline28 April 2021 (LINK)

includes an indoor restaurant or bar

CDC Eases Mask Guidelines for Vaccinated People Outdoors — msn — 27 April 2021 (LINK)

Several US states resume use of Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine — theguardian — 24 April 2021

MIT researchers say you're no safer from Covid masked indoors at 6 feet or 60 feet in new study challenging social distancing policies — cnbc — 23 April 2021

The longer someone is inside with an infected person, the greater the chance of transmission, the researchers said.

Vaccines Benefit Those Who Have Had COVID-19, Contrary to Viral Posts — factcheck — 23 April 2021

Pub landlord vs Keir Starmer: what you need to know about lockdowns — fullfact — 23 April 2021

Covid: 80% of nation must be immunized to stop spread, says Swiss health minister: currently only 60% accept — lenews — 22 April 2021

Related GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: Switzerland's re-opening: Everyone for themselves (LINK)

Swiss Covid certificates to be unveiled by mid-May — lenews — 22 April 2021

Covid-19 deaths are accelerating, WHO warns, as world records most cases ever in a single week — cnn — 21 April 2021

U.S. Will Issue 'Do Not Travel' Warnings to Most Countries Around the World — reuters/skift — 19 April 2021

Covid-19 deaths pass three million worldwide — bbc — 17 April 2021

Strong evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is predominantly transmitted through the air — yahoo — 16 April 2021

65 Percent of Vaccinated People Who Get COVID Have This in Common, CDC Says: they are women — source — 16 April 2021

If You See This on a Plane, Your Risk of Catching COVID Is Higher, CDC Says: middle seats used — bestlifeonline — 15 April 2021

This Is How Much the Moderna Vaccine Really Protects You, New Study Says — bestlifeonline — 15 April 2021

Murky background to the WHO investigation of Italy's Bergamo COVID outbreak — thegenevaobserver — 15 April 2021

Chinese CDC director rejects interpretation of 'low protection rate of Chinese vaccines' — China's globaltimes — 11 April 2021

Debunking the latest wave of medical misinformation — bbc — 11 April 2021

95% efficacy for COVID vaccines doesn't mean there's a 5% infection risk. Here's why: in reality, the odds are really 0.04%— mahoningmatters — 10 April 2021

Greta Thunberg to skip UN climate conference over COVID vaccine inequality — nypost — 10 April 2021

COVID: Nearly 40% of Marines have declined the vaccine — cnn / eastbaytimes — 9 April 2021

CDC: You Can Stop With the 'Deep Cleaning' and Hygiene Theater — sfist — 8 April 2021

Real-world proof Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection — — 7 April 2021

Here's What Happens If You End Up Getting Two Different Vaccines — refinery29 — 6 April 2021

Debunking the COVID Vaccine Doomsayers — realclearscience — 6 April 2021

The top gadgets to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic — euronews — 2 April 2021

It's official: Vaccinated people don't transmit COVID-19 — fortune — 1 April 2021

All covid news March 2021

Non-COVID news April 2021

Afghanistan car bomb kills 30 at guesthouse in Logar province bbc30 April 2021 (LINK)

Kyrgyzstan says 31 killed in clashes at Tajikistan border aljazeera30 April 2021 (LINK)

New York Post Tiptoes Around Bogus Harris Story, Insists It Didn't Force Reporter To Write It huffpost30 April 2021 (LINK)

UNAIDS "deeply regrets" UK's proposed 80% reduction in financial support unaids29 April 2021 (LINK)

"The government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) has informed UNAIDS that funding for UNAIDS for 2021 is confirmed at GBP 2.5 million, compared to the GBP 15 million received by UNAIDS from the UK for 2020. This cut of GBP 12.5 million (or more than 80%) is significant. The UK government has said the decision does not reflect a diminished commitment to UNAIDS or the HIV response. UNAIDS recognizes the challenging situation facing many governments, yet deeply regrets this decision of our longstanding partner and advocate. We are assessing the full scope and impact of the cut and are actively formulating mitigation strategies."

Young reporters take on climate action from their classrooms genevasolutions29 April 2021 (LINK)

Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE), a global programme that equips young people with journalism skills to be able tackle environmental issues, has been launched across six schools in Switzerland for the first time. Coralie Wuilbeaux, head of the programme in Switzerland, said: "We received 72 articles - nobody chose the photography section- and it was clear that what interested the students in French-speaking Switzerland were local issues. We received a lot of work related to Lake Geneva, especially plastic pollution. They were interested in air pollution due to transport, electric cars, local biodiversity, especially bees, energy consumption and renewable energy, food waste, melting glaciers, etc."

WHO stamp of approval for drug combination in battle against malaria genevasolutions29 April 2021 (LINK)

Biden pitches 'once in a generation investment' to Congress bbc29 April 2021 (LINK)

US President Joe Biden laid out a sweeping investment plan for jobs, education and social care in his first speech to a joint session of Congress. Delivered on the eve of his 100th day in office, the Democrat pitched plans involving some $4 trillion (£2.9tn) in spending - the largest overhaul of US benefits since the 1960s, analysts say.

FactChecking Biden's Address to Congressfactcheck.org29 April 2021 (LINK)

"In his first address to a joint session of Congress, President Joe Biden got some facts wrong and stretched others, mainly repeated claims we've heard before."

Fact-checking GOP response to Biden's joint addresscnn19 April 2021 (LINK)

Sen. Tim Scott's nearly 15-minute rebuttal to Biden's hour-long speech was "largely accurate, but some of his claims could have benefited from additional context."

Trump supporter found guilty of threatening to kill lawmakers thehill28 April 2021 (LINK)

'An example to many': Phillipine journalist Maria Ressa wins Unesco press freedom prize theguardian28 April 2021 (LINK)

U.S. 12-year-old graduating high school and college in the same week cnn — 28 April 2021 (LINK)

Former Obama White House advisor arrested for allegedly stealing $200K from charter schools he founded businessinsider — 28 April 2021 (LINK)

United Nations special rapporteurs urge Nepal to rectify appointments in the National Human Rights Commission kathmandupost27 April 2021 (LINK)

They have pointed out the appointments were not in line with international practices and undermines the independence, integrity and legitimacy of the rights body.

Elizabeth Warren: US taxes are rigged in favor of Amazon, Netflix and other big companies — cnn — 27 April 2021 (LINK)

NY Post Reporter Quits: I Was 'Forced' to Write False Story About Kamala Harris thedailybeast27 April 2021 (LINK)

"The Post published a story claiming federal officials were distributing Vice President Kamala Harris' book Superheroes Are Everywhere 'in welcome kits' to migrant children held in a temporary immigration facility at the Long Beach convention center in Southern California. The report, which appeared to be based on a single photograph spotted at the facility, was parroted in multiple segments on Fox News and blew up across conservative media."

No explaining allowed! A new journal promises just-the-facts description, not theory or causality niemanlab26 April 2021 (LINK)

Includes editor from University of Zurich.

Escazu Regional Agreement Takes Effect, Enshrining Right to Sustainable Development, but without its co-chairs Costa Rica and Chileiisd26 April 2021 (LINK)

Analysing new U.S. Secretary of State's first foreign policy speech — heathercoxrichardson — 26 April 2021

Antony Blinken: "We will use the power of our example. We will encourage others to make key reforms, overturn bad laws, fight corruption, and stop unjust practices. We will incentivize democratic behavior."

Biden's 100-day stock market performance is the hottest going back to the 1950scnbc26 April 2021 (LINK)

Oscar highlights — source — 26 April 2021

"Nomadland" won best picture in the 2021 Oscars. It was up for six awards and took home three of the top prizes: best film, best director and best actress. Anthony Hopkins was the surprise winner in the best actor category. British actor Daniel Kaluuya won best supporting actor for playing Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton in "Judas and the Black Messiah". Pixar's "Soul", a film exploring death and jazz, won best animated film and was the first Pixar film to feature an African-American protagonist. The film also took home the award for best score

Trump supporters could be incited to future violence by his continued promotion of 2020 election lies, DOJ and judges say — cnn — 24 April 2021

Feds probing whether Bahamas trip was part of effort to influence Gaetz: report — source — 23 April 2021

130 Europe-bound migrants feared dead off Libyan coast — apnews — 23 April 2021

UN Security Council calls upon Polisario to respect agreement and avoid any provocations in Western Sahara — aawsat — 23 April 2021

The UN Security Council concluded its semi-annual closed consultations on Western Sahara, without issuing a statement. The meeting came amid tensions due to the Polisario's breaching of the ceasefire agreement it had signed with Morocco under UN auspices in 1991, and its impediment to the freedom of movement of the MINURSO.

Shipping during COVID-19: container freight rates have surged — unctad — 23 April 2021

"About 80% of the goods we consume are carried by ships, but we easily forget this." By early 2021, freight rates from China to South America had jumped 443% compared with 63% on the route between Asia and North America's eastern coast. UNCTAD has provided A 10-point action plan to keep ships moving, ports open and trade flowing during the pandemic.

Russian troops start pulling back from Ukrainian border — pbs — 23 April 2021

Imprisoned Putin foe Navalny to end his hunger strike — apnews — 23 April 2021

Announced after getting medical attention and being warned by his doctors that continuing would put his life at risk.

Biden taps Montana environmentalist to direct Bureau of Land Management — pbs — 23 April 2021

Millions face hunger as Myanmar crisis worsens, United Nations says — reuters — 22 April 2021

WFP: Malnutrition rising in Mozambique amid extremist insurgency — apnews — 22 April 2021

Absurd, surreal': Activists pan Iran's election to UN forum on women's rights — timesofisrael — 22 April 2021

ScanVan builds 3D models to explore the future of urban digitization in Switzerland — epfl — 23 April 2021

Automatic algorithmic processes blur identifiable information concerning persons and vehicles, meeting Swiss privacy standards.

Biden pledges to slash greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 — huffpost — 22 April 2021

UN Global Compact launches Climate Ambition Accelerator to help more companies set science-based emissions reduction targets — yahoo — 22 April 2021

Swiss launch first transnational science expedition to study Red Sea corals in June 2021: pdf — transnational_red_sea_center — 22 April 2021

Related GLOBAL-GENEVA piece: Transnational Red Sea project that could help save Earth's coral reefs (LINK)

5 Ways to Help Save the Planet: video — wired — 22 April 2021

"What do an electronic turtle egg, an Arctic seed bank, and carbon-eating machines have in common? They're helping us be optimistic this Earth Day."

New probe confirms Trump officials blocked Puerto Rico from receiving hurricane aid — nbcnews — 22 April 2021

Leaked Internal Facebook Memo Shows It Knew Groups Enabled Insurrection Planning — sfist — 22 April 2021

US Capitol Police officer allegedly told units to only monitor for 'anti-Trump' protesters on January 6 — cnn — 22 April 2021

Relics seized from smugglers are returning to Afghanistan — apnews — 22 April 2021

UN experts urge Switzerland to repatriate two abducted girls from Syria camps — reuters / nationalpost — 22 April 2021

Hong Kong journalist convicted over public database searches — afp/yahoo — 22 April 2021

Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia accounted for 88% of known global executions in 2020 — amnesty — 21 April 2021

But lowest number of executions globally in a decade, for third consecutive year.

Garland announces sweeping police probe after Floyd verdict — apnews — 21 April 2021

Harris casts first tie-breaking vote for a Biden nominee after Senate splits on Pentagon pick — cnn — 21 April 2021

"She has previously cast three tie-breaking votes on legislation"

Foxconn Admits It Will Create 1,454 not 13,000 Jobs in Wisconsin — reason — 21 April 2021

Five major immigration promises Biden has yet to keep — nbcnews — 21 April 2021

"Reunite separated migrant families. End detention of migrant families by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Raise the refugee cap. Stop border wall construction. Hold the Trump administration accountable for family separation."

Jury unanimously convicted Derek Chauvin on all three charges of murder of George Floyd. — cnn — 21 April 2021

EU agrees to be carbon neutral by 2050 on eve of US-led climate summit — dw — 21 April 2021

Watchdog blocked inquiry on Secret Service conduct in Black Lives Matter demos during Trump administration — axios — 20 April 2021

Capitol police officer injured in attack died of natural causes, examiner says — theguardian — 20 April 2021

Medical examiner's determination means it will be difficult for prosecutors to bring homicide charges in Brian Sicknick's death.

US under Biden will no longer call migrants 'illegal aliens' — apnews — 19 April 2021

A QAnon-linked Gang Kidnapped an 8-Year-Old Girl and Planned More Abductions — vice — 19 April 2021

Putin Critic Alexei Navalny 'Could Die At Any Moment,' Doctor Says — npr — 18 April 2021

US, China agree to cooperate on climate crisis with urgency — pbs — 18 April 2021

White House removes scientist picked by Trump official to lead key climate report — washingtonpost — 18 April 2021

UN Security Council unanimously endorses progress in Libya: Resolution — channelnewsasia — 17 April 2021

Edward Snowden's 'Stay Free' crypto NFT Sells For Close To $5.5 Million — cryptodaily — 17 April 2021

Coinbase's $86bn Valuation Has Been Grossly Exaggerated — newsbtc — 17 April 2021

U.S. sues Trump ally Roger Stone, alleging he owes about $2 million in unpaid taxes — reuters — 17 April 2021

The America First Caucus — heathercoxrichardson — 17 April 2021

Hong Kong court jails Jimmy Lai and other prominent activists for 8 to 18 months over 2019 protest — cnn — 16 April 2021

Myanmar Celebrities Are Being Targeted by the Military — vice — 16 April 2021

Interior Secretary Haaland revokes pro-fossil fuel Trump-era orders on energy — pbs — 16 April 2021

Trump EPA appointee blocked public release of cancer danger, inspector general says — cnn — 16 April 2021

State Department watchdog says Pompeo, wife violated ethics rules — pbs — 16 April 2021

St Vincent volcano: UN warns humanitarian crisis will last months — bbc — 15 April 2021

Apple launches $200 million forestry fund for climate change — theverge — 15 April 2021

US government strikes back at Kremlin for SolarWinds hack campaign — arstechnica — 15 April 2021

During Capitol Insurrection, D.C. Police Called for Backup 17 Times in 78 Minutes — theroot — 15 April 2021

Edward Snowden is auctioning off a non-fungible token to benefit the Freedom of the Press Foundation — theblockcrypto — 15 April 2021

CEO who gave employees $70K minimum wage says revenue tripled 6 years later — thehill — 15 April 2021

We Went to the 'World's First NFT Art Gallery' — It Was Just Like a Normal Gallery — — 15 April 2021

US: white woman police officer who shot dead black motorist Daunte White in Minnesota charged with second-degree manslaughter — bbc — 15 April 2021

Both officer Mrs Kim Potter and local police chief Tim Gannon have resigned. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine.

Biden admin secures agreements with Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala to secure borders, official says — cnn — 12 April 2021

Data about the Capitol rioters serves another blow to the White, working-class Trump-supporter narrative — washingtonpost — 12 April 2021

The Christian right is racking up huge victories in the Supreme Court, thanks to Amy Coney Barrett — vox — 12 April 2021

Virginia officer who pepper sprayed Army officer fired — thehill — 11 April 2021

Nomadland Leads the BAFTA Film Awards 2021 Winners —rottentomatoes — 11 April 2021

Related GLOBAL-GENEVA piece: Tackling poverty and ageism post-COVID, if you can't join Nomadland (LINK)

UN is 'very concerned' about Princess Latifa's situation and still waiting for 'proof of life' — cnn — 10 April 2021

Alibaba Group Fined Record $2.75 Billion for Anti-Monopoly Violations in China — reuters/ — 10 April 2021

The penalty, equivalent to around 4 percent of Alibaba's 2019 revenues, is the highest ever antitrust fine to be imposed in China.

Amnesty International critical of Swiss pandemic response on asylum and free speech — lenews — 9 April 2021

Italian prosecutors secretly recorded human rights lawyers — theguardian — 9 April 2021

Derek Chauvin trial: Police restraint killed George Floyd, expert says — bbc — 9 April 2021

Online 'Lego' gamer infiltrated the White House press corps — politico — 9 April 2021

Donald Trump Gets Dragged After He's Pictured With Diet Coke Again Amid His Coca-Cola Boycott — hollywoodlife — 9 April 2021

Yao Ydo is the newly appointed Director of the International Bureau of Education of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (IBE-UNESCO) — ungeneva — 9 April 2021

Biden's plan to overhaul tax code would close offshore tax loopholes — nbcnews — 8 April 2021

US resumes funding to UN agency for Palestinian refugees — apnews — 8 April 2021

Arora Akanska: I'm running for a new UN — — 6 April 2021

Jordan crisis: Detained former crown prince pledges loyalty to the king — axios — 6 April 2021

China Adopts Kremlin's 'Information War' Tactics — voanews — 6 April 2021

Mozambique army says 'significant' number of militants killed in Palma battle — afp/24matins — 5 April 2021

Facebook pledged to suspend political donations, then quietly funneled $50,000 to GOP group pushing voter suppression laws — popular — 5 April 2021

Kosovo gets new president, its second female leader — apnews — 5 April 2021

Why we're investing $150 million to bring biology and AI together: Eric and Wendy Schmidt — usatoday — 5 April 2021

Study finds commonly-used pain killer paracetamol is likely almost useless — yahoo — 5 April 2021

Inspector General Finds Misuse of Office by Elaine Chao at Transportation Dept — voanews — 4 April 2021

Does HBO's QAnon Documentary Reveal Who Q Is? Answer: Probably Maybe — slate — 4 April 2021

French officials identify over 400 sports figures suspected of sexual violence, covering it up — thehill — 3 April 2021

New UNDP study reveals two-thirds of external 'debt service at risk' is not covered by current relief initiatives — undp — 1 April 2021

Aung San Suu Kyi and Australian adviser accused of breaking secrets law — theguardian — 1 April 2021

Donald Trump May Have to Answer Questions Under Oath About Alleged Past Sexual Assaults — sheknows — 1 April 2021

Joe Biden wants to spend $2 trillion on infrastructure and jobs. These 4 charts show where the money would go. — usatoday — 1 April 2021

Who's in the running for the top UN humanitarian job? — thenewhumanitarian — 31 March 2021

Hong Kong: Media mogul Jimmy Lai found guilty over 2019 mass protests — bbc — 1 April 2021

Rethinking cities to beat pandemics genevasolutions1 April 2021 (LINK)

All non-covid postings for March 2021

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