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"Coronavirus has no nationality" — By visuals on Unsplash

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COVID-19 scoreboard

Reported cases and deaths by country, ordered by totals


The Bill For a COVID Test In Texas Was A Whopping $54,000npr30 September 2021 (LINK)

A 3D Printed Vaccine Patch Offers Vaccination Without A Shoteurasiareview25 September 2021 (LINK)

Data shows Covid booster shots are 'not appropriate' at this time, U.S. and international scientists concludecnbc13 September 2021 (LINK)

60 Percent of Virus Experts Wouldn't Do These 6 Things Right Now, Data Showsbestlifeonline12 September 2021 (LINK)

Go on a non-essential international trip (59%). Go to an indoor wedding or other religious service (59%). Eat indoors in a restaurant (67%). Go to a movie theater (81%). Send an vaccinated teen to school without a mask (89%). Send an unvaccinated child to school without a mask (100%).

WHO just identified a new COVID variant and it may be more resistant to vaccinestheladders2 September 2021 (LINK)

This Is How You Can Catch Delta Outside, Even If You're Vaccinated, Expert Saysbestlifeonline30 August 2021 (LINK)

US intelligence community review does not determine origin of Covid-19cnn27 August 2021 (LINK)

The Best N95 And KN95 Face Masks To Wear For The COVID Delta Varianthuffpost25 August 2021 (LINK)

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is first to receive full FDA approvalnewatlas23 August 2021 (LINK)

Why eight months? What's behind the timing of the Covid booster shotnbcnews18 August 2021 (LINK)

Fully vaccinated people 4 times less likely to contract COVID-19, 14 times less likely to be hospitalizedktla.com14 August 2021 (LINK)

Delta plus variant: What it is and how it differs from other coronavirus strainsq13fox5 August 2021 (LINK)

What Does it Really Mean When a Headline Says "75 percent of Cases Occurred in Vaccinated People"?slate4 August 2021 (LINK)

e.g. with Singapore. With 99% vaccinated among a population of 20 million, your chances of getting sick if vaccinated are less than 1% but 25% if unvaccinated.

Why does the delta variant spread so fast?qz.com27 July 2021 (LINK)

WHO experts warn of 'strong likelihood' of new concerning variantsnews2415 July 2021 (LINK)

CDC encourages schools to open for in-person learningthehill9 July 2021 (LINK)


Covid is officially America's deadliest pandemic as U.S. fatalities surpass 1918 flu estimatescnbc20 September 2021 (LINK)

U.S. fast-food worker wages rose 10% as restaurants struggle to hire and retain workers, report saysusatoday23 August 2021 (LINK)

Changes To the Post-Pandemic Workplace: a reviewmorningbrew10 August 2021 (LINK)

"The most obvious changes to the workplace will also likely be the shortest lasting. Think: UV lights, Covid-19 test vending machines, and constant deep cleanings."

Will U.S. gyms go the way of arcades and movie rental stores? 22% have closed, Peloton thrivesapnews9 August 2021 (LINK)

Up to half new COVID-19 infections in Switzerland found in returning travellersBlick (German)/msn4 August 2021 (LINK)

Airlines cite concerns about fuel shortages at some airportsapnews27 July 2021 (LINK)

Shipping container shortage inflicts pain on German shoppersdw16 July 2021 (LINK)

Market information shows that between 25-30% of available capacity is simply not operating. The average cost of transporting a 40-foot steel box of cargo by sea has more than quadrupled from a year ago.

23M children missed vaccines in 2020, nearly 4M more than year before: UNanadolu online15 July 2021 (LINK)

14 of 32 competitors at Miss Mexico pageant had coronavirusap /outlookindia7 July 2021 (LINK)

'Our Economies are Shattered': Island Countries Cry Out for Help to Fight COVID-19 and Climate Change healthpolicy-watch2 July 2021 (LINK)


These 9 Countries Have Kept Their Borders Closed Since 2020!fodors30 September 2021 (LINK)

YouTube bans all anti-vaccine misinformationnytimes29 September 2021 (LINK)

Entry into Switzerland more difficult from 20 Septemberlenews17 September 2021 (LINK)

WHO chief urges halt to booster shots for rest of the year to aid poorer countriesap / pbs8 September 2021 (LINK)

CDC adds 7 destinations to 'very high' Covid-19 travel risk list, including Puerto Rico and Switzerlandcnn31 August 2021 (LINK)

CDC adds 6 destinations to 'very high' Covid-19 travel risk list, including the Bahamascnn23 August 2021 (LINK)

Eight in 10 U.S. economists say employers should require vaccine (video)cbsnews23 August 2021 (LINK)

Facebook says post that cast doubt on covid-19 vaccine was most popular on the platform from January through Marchwashingtonpost21 August 2021 (LINK)

COVID vaccines: What one family doctor tells his patients who are nervous about getting the shoteastbaytimes20 August 2021 (LINK)

New Zealand announces it's locking down the entire country ... over one Covid casecnn17 August 2021 (LINK)

Big win for U.S. $1T infrastructure bill: Dems, GOP come togetherapnews10 August 2021 (LINK)

The latest U.S. jobs report: "stronger than economists had predicted, and even stronger than the administration had hoped"heathercoxrichardson10 August 2021 (LINK)

Crowds defy ban to protest coronavirus measures in Berlinapnews1 August 2021 (LINK)

Large majority of U.S. unvaccinated say they don't intend to get the shot: pollthehill23 July 2021 (LINK)

World's Tallest Sandcastle Erected in Denmark With COVID-19 as Motifsputniknews7 July 2021 (LINK)


How Thailand became a crisis country from a Covid modelblick4 July 2021 (LINK)

"For a long time, Thailand was considered a model nation in the fight against Corona.. But the government basked in success and failed to make important decisions in time. The intensive care units in Bangkok are full, there is a lack of vaccines."

Sources for good information about coronavirus

Geneva Environment Network page of sources on COVID-19 — added 28 September 2020

Country charts of deaths from COVID-19: US

Country charts of deaths from COVID-19: Switzerland

Reported cases and deaths by country, ordered by totals

A Swiss scientist's infographic about COVID-19 in Switzerland: much the best source — Added 31 August 2020

Official Swiss COVID-19 page (LINK)

John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center — Added 30 August 2020

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