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Useful news items from around the world of particular interest to Youth Writes users, provided via the Global Geneva Insights Group


What kind of digital future do you wish for?

On Digital Day on 10 November and the six weeks before, [Digital Switzerland] will be looking at all facets of digitalization. Starting today, you can explore all your questions and hone your skills, expand your knowledge and try out new things at hundreds of events. And all of this is free of charge, online and on-site throughout Switzerland.

digitalswitzerland (LINK)

Young Activists

How can young people change the world? Top tips from a youth activist

Melati Wijsen was just 12-years-old when she co-founded Bye Bye Plastic Bags in Bali (LINK)


Nine ways you can help to save insects from extinctionsciencefocus16 September 2021 (LINK)


Study: More than half of young people think 'humanity is doomed'grist.org14 September 2021 (LINK)

"It's the first study to find that climate anxiety is connected to government inaction."


Young conservationists call for help to take a seat at the tablegenevasolutions14 September 2021 (LINK)


4,881 Free Online Courses from Top Universitiescoursemarks4 September 2021 (LINK)


15 Uncoordinated Outfits From Teen Movies That I Can't Believe Someone Actually Approvedbuzzfeed27 August 2021 (LINK)


Catchup: What changes young people say they want for the futureweforum20 August 2021 (LINK)


12-year-old Indian American becomes youngest chess grandmaster in historythehill8 July 2021 (LINK)


Your best e-bike? It costs only CHF1649 at Landi

Of 10 models tested, the best rated was Landi's Trelago Glider V, scoring 5.3 out of 6, with a top score for robustness. Price: CHF1649. You could get one cheaper at Migros. But that was rated bottom of the 10, with an "unsatisfactory" 3 out of 6.

switzerlandtoday (LINK)

GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: Mountain Biking Blasts in the Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc Region (LINK)

Youth Conference

How to promote green solutions among young people?

GENEVA YOUTH CALL (GYC): Two-stage conference in English without interpretation, organized by Université de Genève

Key speakers: Anne Mahrer — co-president from "Senior Women for Climate Protection Switzerland", Marie-Claire Graf — member of the Youth Constituency of the UNFCCC (YOUNGO), and adventurer Mike Horn

unige (LINK)


Technorama at EPFL : a "hands-on" exhibition to discover the sciences

epfl (LINK)


EPFL architecture students explore outdoor spaces in Geneva Cantonepfl7 June 2021 (LINK)

Throughout the summer, architectural works by first-year students at EPFL's ALICE studio will be on display at four sites in Geneva Canton: Genthod, Aigues-Vertes, Vernier and Onex. Visitors will be able to view the students' work through a series of events, all in compliance with public health and safety measures. Available on YouTube

Youth matters

Aids on surviving and thriving in the COVID lockdown and after (LINK)

Young achievers

The Boy Who Could DeFi: Meet the 13-Year-Old Who Built a $7M Money Manager on Ethereumdecrypt16 June 2021 (LINK)


Opportunities for Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship: Understanding the African Continental Free Trade Area: downloadable PDF — itc25 May 2021 (LINK)

WEF: 10 top jobs of the future weforum18 May 2021 (LINK)


Is the entry-level job going extinct?weforum17 May 2021 (LINK)

The number of entry-level jobs posted in the US decreased by 68% in 2020 due to COVID-19. However, this was a continuation of a trend that began following the last recession. Graduates often don't have all the skills required to jump straight into a tech-driven knowledge economy. Higher education and employers need to provide the di literacy training needed so that more young people can find jobs.


La lutte des stagiaires de l'ONU à Genève pour obtenir un salaire: UN Geneva interns press for salary

rts: In French (LINK)

Youth action

Young reporters take on climate action from their classrooms genevasolutions29 April 2021 (LINK)

Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE), a global programme that equips young people with journalism skills to be able tackle environmental issues, has been launched across six schools in Switzerland for the first time. Coralie Wuilbeaux, head of the programme in Switzerland, said: "We received 72 articles - nobody chose the photography section- and it was clear that what interested the students in French-speaking Switzerland were local issues. We received a lot of work related to Lake Geneva, especially plastic pollution. They were interested in air pollution due to transport, electric cars, local biodiversity, especially bees, energy consumption and renewable energy, food waste, melting glaciers, etc."


West Point cadets expelled over worst cheating scandal in 40 years

West Point has expelled at least eight cadets and are holding more than 50 back a year as a result of the military academy's worst cheating scandal in over 40 years. The military academy investigated 73 cadets suspected of cheating on a freshman calculus exam in May administered virtually because of the coronavirus. More than 50 of the cadets were athletes, several of whom were on the football team, according to a West Point spokeswoman.

cbsnews (LINK)


National and International Youth Empowerment: The 2020-2030 Imperative for Sustainable Development Goals Actions

A Global Youth Petition to the United Nations and the Member States for an urgent initiative for National and International Youth Training and Empowerment as Sustainable Development Implementors. "We propose establishment of in-country UN Youth National Councils (UNYNC), that has the potential by 2030 to empower 800 Youth in each UN Member State as action-oriented enablers and implementors of sustainable development. A similar international UNYNC at UNHQ in NY and Geneva would also empower 160 Youth from each country as International Sustainable Development Policy Makers & Negotiators."

ipetitions (LINK)


Student Coin: Platform to Create & Launch Your Own Crypto Tokens

Student Coin is the first platform that allows users to easily design, create, and manage personal, corporate, NFT, and DeFi tokens.

blockonomi (LINK)


Jobs at CoinMarketCap

Directed to young people about to graduate

coinmarketcap (LINK)


United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) International Law Seminar Fellowships 2021 for Graduate Students and Law Professionals

Open to all, fellowships for students from developing countries.

afterschoolafrica (LINK)

Youth News

Civitas Maxima puts students in the hot seat in mock war crimes trial

"Civitas Maxima, the Swiss NGO fighting for international justice, organized its first mock trial event on Zoom in partnership with Philanthropic Adventures, an educational platform, and the International School of Geneva. The trial took place in a fake country called Ulumalu and was carried out by a group of convinced and convincing students."

genevasolutions (LINK)


EPFL Changemakers: Incubating tomorrow's business ideas

Twenty EPFL students recently completed the first EPFL Changemakers program – a new initiative designed to help students develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills and flesh out their business ideas. Three of them:

  • Detecting obstacles for white canes
  • Rating the environmental impact of restaurant meals
  • Delivering local goods more sustainably

epfl (LINK)


Young negotiators inject 'new blood' into climate decision-making

Young climate activists are moving from the streets to negotiating seats of power — but plenty find obstacles in their way.  Many struggle to cover costs or make a real difference to policy. (LINK)

Tim Berners-Lee says too many young people are excluded from web

"Only the top third of under-25s have a home internet connection, according to Unicef, leaving 2.2 billion young people without the stable access they need to learn online."

theguardian (LINK)

Young activists

Dear future children, 'a film about young activists made by young filmmakers'

Twenty-one year old filmmaker Franz Böhm travelled to Uganda, Chile and Hong Kong to follow three young activists in their battles for the environment, against inequality and for democracy. Dear Future Children is a film about his generation.

genevasolutions (LINK)


International Youth Art Contest Announces 18-year-old Ka Yi Siu of Hong Kong SAR, China as 2021 Winner for World Wildlife Day

From almost 600 entries submitted by young artists from over 50 different countries, 18-year-old Ka Yi Siu of Hong Kong SAR, China has been chosen as the winner of the World Wildlife Day 2021 International Youth Art Contest.

cites (LINK)


The 17 habits of millionaires who started small and retired young

These young retirees often start on the same path: assessing their financial status, cutting expenses, and diligently tracking their progress and spending. Once they retire, they try to spend less and less and often move to areas where the cost of living is lower, focusing more on experiences and living a life they love full of hobbies and travel.

entrepreneur (LINK)


Help Us Build Resilient Communities & Prevent Violent Extremism

We are looking for a Communications Intern who will support GCERF's Communications Specialist to increase GCERF's visibility and enhance its public reputation. The position comes at the start of an exciting international publicity drive that will require a flair for writing, a self-starting character and the willingness to put in the hard slog. You can find the full job description here. To apply, please click here.

Global Community Engagement & Resilience Fund (LINK)


Florida has the best beach in the U.S., Tripadvisor says — but it's not in Miami or on the east coast

The beautiful St. Pete Beach, in Florida, was named best beach in the United States, according to Tripadvisor's annual Travelers' Choice Awards for Beaches. It is also the fifth best beach in the entire world.

miamiherald (LINK)

The top 14 beaches in The Bahamas

Pink Sands Beach in Harbour Island has been called the world's most beautiful beach by a slew of international magazines, and we won't argue


Related GLOBAL-GENEVA piece: Caribbean Dreams: Economic Nightmares (LINK)


England's secondaries given funding to run summer schools

Critics say measures to close attainment gap including £400m extra funding do not go far enough.

theguardian (LINK)


Swiss Hotel Management School announces new blended Master's degree program in New Delhi

Ranked no. 5 in the world by QS Global Hospitality Education rankings, SHMS offers a contemporary hospitality and event management education led by experienced faculty and an industry-endorsed curriculum. It is the first hospitality school in the world, and the first institute of higher education in Switzerland, to receive the prestigious “Apple Distinguished School” recognition for using the latest technology to inspire creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills. (LINK)


Approaching Songwriting As a Beginner: 9 Things You Should Know Before Writing Original Music

No matter what you're aiming for, there are some ground rules that should be covered first. (LINK)

Job seeking

These are the 10 traits recruiters look for

In a recent study, recruiters ranked what they consider to be the most important traits for job applicants.

fastcompany (LINK)


The best apps for dealing with anxiety

These services do more than guide meditation

Popular Science (LINK)


Free Adobe course: Engaging Video Projects in the Classroom

Everything you need to get started with video (desktop or mobile) and Adobe Premiere Rush in your school or institution. 4 hours. End 1 March 2022 (yes 2022).

Adobe Education Exchange (LINK)


End U.K.'s outside sport ban, top scientist urges Johnson as all adults set for jab by July

Data on the number of Covid-19 cases is now so encouraging that outdoor sports for children and small numbers of adults should be allowed immediately as part of an accelerated easing of the lockdown, a leading scientist and adviser to government has told the Observer.

theguardian (LINK)

Home schooling

I'm a maths lecturer — and I had to get my children to teach me'

Dr Kit Yates was shocked by how many 'intimidating' methods and models primary school children are expected to use to solve basic maths problems. "I've never needed to use them – you don't need to know all these different mental models to do maths," he says.

theguardian (LINK)


7 DidikTV edutainment shows to help kids in Malaysia take a break from learning

It airs from 7am to midnight daily, and gives Malaysian students free access to knowledge and educational content, just as they would learn in school. In addition to classes on various subjects, students can also enjoy edutainment content when they want a break from studying. This includes concerts, documentaries, travel programs, shows about industry insights, dramas, and more.

mashable (LINK)

Online Education

BecomingX: "It has never been tougher to be a young person,"Bear Grylls says

Through short films on its website, the global leaders in their field — including sports champion Roger Federer and Hollywood superstars Julia Roberts, Channing Tatum and Courteney Cox — share their own stories and what it has taken for them to succeed. The initiative offers over 100 digital lessons through "BecomingX Education", as an option to help schools teach personal development and life skills. It also aims to take the initiative to lower income countries and underserved communities.


Young achievers

12-year-old Korean makes 43 per cent profit trading stocks during the pandemic

"I wonder, in this day and age, whether a college degree would be all that important,” his mother said. “Because we live in a different world now, it could be better to become an 'only-one' kind of person.”

mashable (LINK)

Animal care

Veterinarians reveal 10 of the most common mistakes pet owners make

You should never try to cut matted fur out of a pet's ear. Many pet owners probably haven't given their cats enough litter boxes. Assuming that smaller animals are easier to care for is a mistake: some types of fish require water that is exactly the right temperature and precisely timed feedings.

medium (LINK)


The Big Lie of Recycling and '90s Environmentalism: cutting plastic rings to save sea turtles isn't going to cut it

"If the public thinks the recycling is working, then they're not going to be as concerned about the environment," says Larry Thomas, who headed the main plastics industry group in the '90s.s

medium (LINK)


3 Habits of Incredibly Healthy People

It is recommended that you perform a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise each week or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise, paired with two days of strength training per week.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides the following two examples:

  • Brisk walking for 150 minutes every week (i.e. 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week) and muscle-strengthening activities on 2 or more days a week that work all major muscle groups
  • Jogging or running for 75 minutes every week and muscle-strengthening activities on 2 or more days a week that work all major muscle groups

medium (LINK)


Will the pandemic teach American kids financial literacy?

More than 22 million Americans lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, with only some regaining employment since. Many of those who were let go are parents facing a daunting challenge: how to teach their kids the value of a dollar when their existing finances are stretched thin.

Now a growing set of financial literacy initiatives aimed at school-age kids and college students is tapping into that demand, a need underscored by the current crisis but also simply by statistics. According to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), 78 per cent of American adults admit they would benefit from financial advice, signaling a massive financial literacy shortfall that they want to address early in their children. (LINK)

Youth enterprise

14-Year-Old Earned a Master's Degree And Now She's an Environmental Scientist and Entrepreneur

Dorothy Jean Tillman launched the Dorothy Jeanius STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Camp. All teens who participatereceive a customizable at-home STEAM activity kit. It's one of the components of Tillman's business, the Dorothy Jeanius STEAM Education Leadership Institute, launched in 2020. The young entrepreneur founded the STEAM Labs in Chicago and West Capetown, South Africa.

blackenterprise (LINK): tip - save to Pocket

Young achievers

Amanda Gorman: The vital power of youth and words

The 22-year-old poet Amanda Gorman performed at Joe Biden's Inauguration. Jean-Christian Agid interviewed Gorman last year - she is on the cover of the 2020 book: "Vital Voices: 100 Women Using Their Power to Empower". He explores the importance current and past presidents have placed on poetry at their inaugurations.

global-geneva (LINK)

20 January 2021

Ella Emhoff, Kamala Harris' Stepdaughter, Showed Everyone Else Up at the Inauguration

"Emhoff is a Parsons textile design student and all-around fashion cool girl.

marieclaire (LINK)


Curiosity Stream Documentary Channel: 25% off

Year's subscription costs only $14.99 if you sign up with the code "flipboard".

curiositystream (LINK)

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