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Biden Brief: 2021

The 10 best things Biden did in 2021washingtonpost28 December 2021 (LINK)

Man who told Biden 'let's go Brandon' goes on Bannon's podcast, touts Trumpthehill27 December 2021 (LINK)

Joe Biden's Wild Cackle When Asked About His Failures Points to Man Far in Over His Headredstate23 December 2021 (LINK)

Numbers Show Joe Biden's Economy Is Actually Beating The Worldnationalmemo22 December 2021 (LINK)

"U.S. economic output has jumped more than 7% in the last three months of 2021. Overall growth for 2021 should be about 6%, and economists predict growth of around 4% in 2022β€”the highest numbers the U.S. has seen in decades. The Biden administration has created 4.1 million jobs, more than were created in the 12 years of the Trump and George W. Bush administrations combined. Wages in America are growing at about 4% a year, compared with less than 1% a year in the eurozone. The American Rescue Plan, passed by Democrats in March without a single Republican vote, cut child poverty in half. More than 4.6 million Americans who were not previously insured have gotten healthcare coverage through the Affordable Care Act. U.S. companies[...] are showing profit margins higher than they have been since 1950, at 15%. Companies have reduced their debt, which has translated to a strong stock market" — (heathercoxrichardson)

Dozens confirmed to ambassador posts after Ted Cruz refused for months to consider themaxios18 December 2021 (LINK)

U.S. federal appeals court reinstates Biden's vaccine mandate for large companiesaxios18 December 2021 (LINK)

Biden administration officially reverses Trump-era environmental regulations that allowed showerheads to use more waterbusinessinsider16 December 2021 (LINK)

Biden faces lowest approval ratings yet in handling of inflation, COVID-19, gun violenceusatoday12 December 2021 (LINK)

Biden's unheralded economic successheathercoxrichardson9 December 2021 (LINK)

Biden's Pick to Oversee Banks Withdraws After Racist Smear Campaign calls her 'Communist'jezebel8 December 2021 (LINK)

The media treats Biden as badly as β€” or worse than β€” Trumpwashingtonpost3 December 2021 (LINK)

The puzzle of Biden's policies: they are popular but he isn'theathercoxrichardson27 November 2021 (LINK)

Jen Psaki flips the script after Fox reporter demands that Biden apologize to the Kenosha shooterlgbtqnation24 November 2021 (LINK)

Interior to remove anti-Indigenous slurs from names of federal landsaxios20 November 2021 (LINK)

Unlike Trump, Biden Backs Global Treaty for Plastic Pollutionecowatch19 November 2021 (LINK)

For 85 minutes, Kamala Harris became the first woman with presidential powercnn19 November 2021 (LINK)

Achieving what Trump couldn't, Biden celebrates rare win with US infrastructure bill signingwionews16 November 2021 (LINK)

Biden unveils new rules to curb methane, a potent greenhouse gas, from oil and gas operationswashingtonpost2 November 2021 (LINK)

Press Secretary Jen Psaki Is An Absolute Badass β€” 10 Of Our Favorite Momentsscarymommy1 November 2021 (LINK)

Olivia Rodrigo Didn't Get Shoehorn from President, After All — Blames Mom for Kimmel Mix-Uptoofab31 October 2021 (LINK)

Biden job approval falls to 42 percent: NBC surveythehill31 October 2021 (LINK)

US to rejoin UN Human Rights Council after walk-out under Trumpfrance2414 October 2021 (LINK)

Biden Restores Climate Change Website Trump Trashedvice13 October 2021 (LINK)

The U.S. debt ceiling debateheathercoxrichardson6 October 2021 (LINK)

Biden and Xi agree to abide by Taiwan agreementthehill5 October 2021 (LINK)

Joe Manchin, America's Climate Decider in Chief, Is a Coal Baronthenation30 September 2021 (LINK)

We Now Know Why Biden Was in a Hurry to Exit Afghanistan: He made several missteps, but on the big picture, he was rightslate29 September 2021 (LINK)

Biden pledges to double U.S. climate change aid; some activists unimpressedreuters21 September 2021 (LINK)

Biden ousts Conway, Spicer, other Trump appointees from military academy boardsabcnews9 September 2021 (LINK)


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