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November 2021

COVID-19 news

A third lockdown in Switzerland: economists' analysis (German original)blick/msn27 November 2021 (LINK)

Five professional Swiss soldiers are dismissed for refusing to vaccinate (German original)msn27 November 2021 (LINK)

'False sense of security' around COVID vaccines: WHOaljazeera24 November 2021 (LINK)

Avoid travel to Denmark and Germany, regardless of vaccination status, CDC warnsusatoday23 November 2021 (LINK)

COVID-19 increases the risk of stillbirth for pregnant women — but 65% still aren't vaccinatedbusinessinsider19 November 2021 (LINK)

WHO: Europe is only region with increasing COVID deathsapnews17 November 2021 (LINK)

Trump gave an agency run by Jared Kushner's college friend $100 million to fight Covid. None has been disbursednbcnews17 November 2021 (LINK)

60 Countries With the Best Covid-19 Vaccination Rates in the Worldgizmodo15 November 2021 (LINK)

The U.S. has slipped to 55th place despite being ranked 18th most vaccinated as recently as July.

U.K. Covid-19 hospitalisations are currently lower than they were this time last year despite NHS chief's claim fullfact12 November 2021 (LINK)

Merck v Pfizer: here's how the two new COVID antiviral drugs work and will be usedtheconversation12 November 2021 (LINK)

Swiss cops placed massive concrete blocks at the entrance of a bar in a posh ski resort after it refused to abide by the country's strict Covid passport measures.luxurylaunches8 November 2021 (LINK)

Moderna Struggles With Vaccine Ramp-Up, Cuts 2021 Sales View; Shares Drop 16%reuters / usnews4 November 2021 (LINK)

Tobacco Industry 'Used COVID-19' To Influence Governments Especially In Switzerland, Index Finds healthpolicy-watch2 November 2021 (LINK)

The U.S. has new COVID vaccine rules for international travelers. Here's what to knowwvik1 November 2021 (LINK)

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Non-COVID news

The puzzle of Biden's policies: they are popular but he isn'theathercoxrichardson27 November 2021 (LINK)

Afghan girl from iconic National Geographic cover evacuated to Italythehill25 November 2021 (LINK)

France and Britain trade blame after 27 die in Channel migrant tragedyreuters25 November 2021 (LINK)

Bangladesh, Laos, Nepal graduate from least developed country categoryxinhuanet25 November 2021 (LINK)

Kyle Rittenhouse on Fox attracted more than 5 million viewers — highest score for Tucker Carlson since 6 Jan — marketwatch24 November 2021 (LINK)

Swiss company frees Chernobyl from its radioactivity (original in German) — msn24 November 2021 (LINK)

After seven months of experiment using one hectare of land in Chernobyl, radioactive pollution of the soil fell by an average of 37 percent, that of the air by 46 percent. The Swiss are confident that thanks to their revolutionary technology, a complete decontamination of the Chernobyl site will be possible within the next four years.

Backed by the United Nations South Korea is building the world's first floating city – It will be fully sustainable, consist of several islands anchored to the sea floor and be ready by 2025luxurylaunches24 November 2021 (LINK)

Collins Dictionary crowns NFT the word of the year after its usage soaredbanklesstimes24 November 2021 (LINK)

Afghan banking system on brink of collapse, UN warnsdw22 November 2021 (LINK)

Interior to remove anti-Indigenous slurs from names of federal landsaxios20 November 2021 (LINK)

North Korean Hackers Found Behind a Range of Credential Theft Campaignsthehackernews20 November 2021 (LINK)

Moving up in the world: could you work from home in the Alps?swissinfo/msn20 November 2021 (LINK)

India's Modi backs down on farm reforms in surprise victory for protestersreuters19 November 2021 (LINK)

Unlike Trump, Biden Backs Global Treaty for Plastic Pollutionecowatch19 November 2021 (LINK)

For 85 minutes, Kamala Harris became the first woman with presidential powercnn19 November 2021 (LINK)

The Steele dossier on Trump and Russia: What we knowsource19 November 2021 (LINK)

Joint statement by IFRC and ICRC on migration crisis at the borders between Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and other countriesifrc18 November 2021 (LINK)

UN: Ethiopia releases 6 UN staff and all 70 plus driversapnews18 November 2021 (LINK)

Madagascar: 'World cannot look away' as 1.3 million face severe hungerun18 November 2021 (LINK)

Greece: Guilty verdict for migrant rights defenders could mean more deaths at sea – UN expertohchr18 November 2021 (LINK)

He was the top U.N. official in Gaza. An Israeli TV interview cost him his postmtpr18 November 2021 (LINK)

Six young entrepreneurs, six solutions to global crises at Young Activist Summitgenevasolutions19 November 2021 (LINK)

Marriage Equality Rejected by Thailand's Constitutional Courtadvocate18 November 2021 (LINK)

Jurors got to hear Elizabeth Holmes' lies for themselvestheverge18 November 2021 (LINK)

Mediators step up Ethiopia ceasefire bid as aid efforts flounderthenewhumanitarian17 November 2021 (LINK)

UN demands that Yemen's Houthi rebels free detained staffersapnews17 November 2021 (LINK)

U.S. Overdose Deaths Topped record 100,000 (30% more) In One Year, Officials Sayap / huffpost17 November 2021 (LINK)

What young people hope to achieve at the UNswissinfo17 November 20(LINK)

'QAnon Shaman' sentenced to 41 months in prison for role in Jan. 6 attackabcnews17 November 2021 (LINK)

UN experts call on Iran to repeal 'anti-abortion' population lawaljazeera16 November 2021 (LINK)

The UN responded to Elon Musk's challenge to prove how his wealth could tackle world hunger by revealing a $6.6 billion planbusinessinsider16 November 2021 (LINK)

Achieving what Trump couldn't, Biden celebrates rare win with US infrastructure bill signingwionews16 November 2021 (LINK)

Air pollution in Europe still killing more than 300,000 a year, report findsnews wires / france2415 November 2021 (LINK)

Countries fail to agree on Antarctic conservation measures for fifth straight yearmongabay15 November 2021 (LINK)

The UN standardizes international carbon markets at COP26source15 November 2021 (LINK)

US journalist jailed in Myanmar for nearly 6 months is freedapnews15 November 2021 (LINK)

Conflicts of interest are common among editors and authors of psychopharmacology textbooksstatnews15 November 2021 (LINK)

Two Top Advisers, Pinker and Zimmer, Resign From Anti-Cancel Culture University of Austinthedailybeast15 November 2021 (LINK)

COP26 closes with 'compromise' deal on climate, but it's not enough, says UN chiefnews.un.org13 November 2021 (LINK)

What the world did and didn't accomplish at COP26vox13 November 2021 (LINK)

Julian Assange given permission to marry partner in prison one year after applicationpolitico12 November 2021 (LINK)

COP26: Bahamas PM says climate summit has 'no teeth' and Boris Johnson's language doesn't 'convey seriousness' of global warming crisissky12 November 2021 (LINK)

Despite contributing just 0.01% to global greenhouse gas emissions, the Bahamas is experiencing a near-term existential threat from climate change

Loss of Glaciers Will Hurt Tourism, Power Supplies, and Moreafar12 November 2021 (LINK)

U.S. urges citizens to leave Haiti amid turmoil, fuel shortagepbs11 November 2021 (LINK)

Thai court rules protesters sought to topple monarchy as kingdom defends royal insults law at UNcnn11 November 2021 (LINK)

UN investigator: Crimes against humanity under Myanmar juntaapnews6 November 2021 (LINK)

Why do the media keep saying this U.S. election was a loss for Democrats? It wasn'ttheguardian6 November 2021 (LINK)

To keep global warming below 1.5°C, a significant contribution from Nature-based Solutions is necessary and possible: report by UNEP and IUCNiucn5 November 2021 (LINK)

What does green trade mean for small businesses? Small firms in developing countries are more worried about climate change but less likely to actitc4 November 2021 (LINK)

WTO issues information briefs on trade, climate, related issues with COP26 talks underwaywto3 November 2021 (LINK)

Briefing paper: PDF (LINK)

A history of black rights issues and white privilege in the U.S.heathercoxrichardson3 November 2021 (LINK)

Helping pave the path to peace in Libyagenevasolutions3 November 2021 (LINK)

Taliban bans foreign currencies in Afghanistanbbc3 November 2021 (LINK)

Former FIFA officials Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini charged with fraud and other offenses by Swiss prosecutors after a six-year investigation into a controversial $2 million paymentap / nbcnews3 November 2021 (LINK)

Blatter also faces a separate criminal proceeding related to authorizing a $1 million FIFA payment to Trinidad and Tobago in 2010 into the control of then-FIFA vice president Jack Warner. Two former FIFA officials are also suspects in that investigation.

India leads the way at Responsible Tourism Awardseuronews3 November 2021 (LINK)

Human Rights Council to Hold Special Session on Sudan on Friday, 5 Novemberungeneva2 November 2021 (LINK)

Ethiopia declares state of emergency as Tigrayan forces gain groundreuters2 November 2021 (LINK)

Bosnia is in danger of breaking up, warns EU's top official in the statetheguardian2 November 2021 (LINK)

High representative says threat by Serb separatists to create their own army risks return of conflict

World leaders unveil pledges to end deforestation, slash methane emissions: Cop26 latestgenevasolutions2 November 2021 (LINK)

Climate magnifies hunger in Madagascar, forecasted poor rains bring dread and despairwfp2 November 2021 (LINK)

Nicaragua Govt accused of running internet troll farmsource2 November 2021 (LINK)

Why Switzerland is the top location for expatscnbc2 November 2021 (LINK)

9 out of 10 killings of journalists go unpunished, say UN expertspeter kenny / aa2 November 2021 (LINK)

U.S.: Zillow to shutter home buying business and lay off 2,000 employees as its big real estate bet faltersgeekwire2 November 2021 (LINK)

After a 20-Month Lockdown, UN Plans to Return to Near-Normal by Mid-Novemberipsnews1 November 2021 (LINK)

Ukraine denies report of Russian troop buildup near its bordersreuters1 November 2021 (LINK)

With just two alternate jurors left, some legal experts expressed doubts that the Elizabeth Holmes trial will end in a verdictnbcnews1 November 2021 (LINK)

Extended UN Geneva headquarters open for businessswissinfo1 November 2021 (LINK)

New Geneva UN building inaugurated on 1 November 2021UNOG29 October 2021 (LINK)

At 2:30 pm, just outside the new building. At 12 noon and 12:30 pm, there will be two guided tours of the building. Answering questions, UNoG specified that the H Building was an office building rather than a conference facility, and journalists who had official business in H Building could get access through UNIS.

Good News From COP26: UN Members Agree on a New Enterprise to Transform Global Responses to Climate Changepassblue31 October 2021 (LINK)

2021 among hottest years in history: UN datathehill31 October 2021 (LINK)

Yes, Jan 6 was a planned insurrectionheathercoxrichardson31 October 2021 (LINK)

Thailand looks to welcome tourists again from 1 November — less than half its population is fully vaccinatedcnbc30 October 2021 (LINK)

Wikipedia in Chinese editing war of wordsbbc30 October 2021 (LINK)

Tackling mispricing of commodity exports from poor countriesunibe29 October 2021 (LINK)

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