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Piers Morgan Finally Shows Unedited Clip Of Donald Trump Talk TV Storm-Off; Blames "Incompetent Aide" & A Trump "Simmering With Anger" But Reality Is Damp Squibdeadline26 April 2022 (LINK)

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What Does It Mean to Resign from the Academy, and What Will Happen to Will Smith's Oscar Now?yahoo2 April 2022 (LINK)

— While Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski have been ejected from the Academy due to their respective sexual abuse scandals, both men still have their Oscars, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Kate Middleton stuns in hot pink gown in Belize with husband Prince Williamfoxnews22 March 2022 (LINK)

Jamaican Leaders Shun Prince William, Kate Middleton Visit, Demand Slavery Reparations

American Kennel Club names U.S.'s favorite dog breed: the Labrador Retrieverfoxbusiness15 March 2022 (LINK)

Italian scientists claim to have created the perfect yeast-free PIZZA by blowing bubbles in doughdailymail15 March 2022 (LINK)

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Kanye West decapitates and buries Pete Davidson alive in disturbing new cartoon music video as rapper launches another attack on Kim Kardashian's loverdailymail2 March 2022 (LINK)

Kim Kardashian Is Now Legally Single After Her Split With Kanye West, And Her Birth Name Will Be Restoredbuzzfeed2 March 2022 (LINK)

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Marmite maker Unilever to cut 1,500 jobs worldwidebbc25 January 2022 (LINK)

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