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15 May 2022

Guardian on Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 81 of the invasion

President Zelenskyy Says Ukraine Will Be Able To Host Eurovision Next Year after winground.news15 May 2022 (LINK)

Sweden's governing party backs NATO membershipground.news15 May 2022 (LINK)

United Kingdom's defense ministry said that Russia has likely lost one-third of its ground combat forces in Ukrainethehill15 May 2022 (LINK)

A Russian billionaire acted as a 'straw owner' to hide true owner of $1 billion worth of superyachts, including one linked to Vladimir Putin, a report saysbusinessinsider15 May 2022 (LINK)

Portugal has frozen Roman Abramovich's $10 million property he tried to sell before the invasion, report saysbusinessinsider15 May 2022 (LINK)

Russian chemical attack claim fact-checked: no evidence for claimsbbc15 May 2022 (LINK)

Top Video Game Artists Adopt NFTs to Help Ukraine, Collection to Release on Official MetaHistory Museumbitcoin15 May 2022 (LINK)

UN: Civilian deaths in Ukraine 24 February – 15 May inclusive: 7,564 civilian casualties in the country: 3,668 killed and 3,896 injured.unohchr16 May 2022 (LINK)

14 May 2022

Guardian on Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 80 of the invasion

Ukraine's Zelenskiy: situation in Donbas region remains very difficultreuters / ground.news14 May 2022 (LINK)

Ukraine wins Eurovision Song Contest after performance by Kalush Orchestra and appeal for Mariupol's Azovstalground.news14 May 2022 (LINK)

Mitch McConnell visits Kyiv with delegation of Republican US senatorstheguardian14 May 2022 (LINK)

Russia threatens to nuke Britain in four minutes and Finland in 10 secondsground.news14 May 2022 (LINK)

13 May 2022

Guardian on Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 79 of the invasion

Millions of people could die in a global food crisis unless Putin stops blockading Black Sea ports, UN food boss warnsbusinessinsider13 May 2022 (LINK)

Russian State Energy Company Cuts Electricity To Finland As Helsinki Readies NATO Bidground.news13 May 2022 (LINK)

Georgia's breakaway South Ossetia sets vote on 17 July to join Russiaground.news13 May 2022 (LINK)

Ukrainian court opens first war crimes case against Russian soldierground.news13 May 2022 (LINK)

Ukrainian forces destroyed a pontoon bridge and parts of Russian armoured column as it tried to cross a river in the Donbas region, video footage released by Ukraine's military showed on Friday, and a Russian naval ship was set afire in the Black Seareuters13 May 2022 (LINK)

Russian forces attack major oil refinery in central Ukraine — People's Daily Onlineground.news13 May 2022 (LINK)

UN: Civilian deaths in Ukraine 24 February – 12 May inclusive: 7,389 civilian casualties in the country: 3,573 killed and 3,816 injured.unohchr13 May 2022 (LINK)

12 May 2022

Guardian on Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 78 of the invasion

Finland to apply to NATO 'without delay', Russia threatens 'retaliatory steps'yahoo12 May 2022 (LINK)

UN Human Rights Council votes to start war crimes probe in Kyivaxios12 May 2022 (LINK)

Europe's gas supply crisis grows after Russia imposes sanctions on Western Gazprom companiesreuters12 May 2022 (LINK)

Rand Paul blocks bipartisan effort to swiftly pass Ukraine aidthehill12 May 2022 (LINK)

CNN-broadcast video "shows Russian soldiers killing 2 civilians before they ransack a business"ground.news12 May 2022 (LINK)

4.8 mln jobs lost in Ukraine since start of conflict: ILO — People's Daily Onlinexinhua / peoples daily12 May 2022 (LINK)

Russians are using semiconductors from kitchen appliances in military equipment, says U.S. commerce secretarycbsnews12 May 2022 (LINK)

Siemens to leave Russia due to Ukraine war, take hefty chargeground.news12 May 2022 (LINK)

UN: Civilian deaths in Ukraine 24 February – 11 May inclusive: 7,326 civilian casualties in the country: 3,541 killed and 3,785 injured.unohchr12 May 2022 (LINK)

11 May 2022

Guardian on Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 77 of the invasion

Putin's ally amasses troops on Ukraine border fuelling fears Belarus will join warground.news11 May 2022 (LINK)

"Ukrainian defenders have already killed about 26,350 Russian troops since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24"ukrinform11 May 2022 (LINK)

US intel questioned for misjudging Afghanistan, Ukraine ground.news11 May 2022 (LINK)

10 May 2022

Guardian on Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 76 of the invasion

Ukraine civilian deaths 'thousands higher' than UN's official toll: UNground.news10 May 2022 (LINK)

WHO: At least 3,000 Ukrainians have died from lack of chronic health treatmentsaxios10 May 2022 (LINK)

More than 8 million people displaced in Ukraine: UNThis is in addition to the more than 5.9 million Ukrainians who have left the country entirely since Moscow invaded on February 24.ground.news10 May 2022 (LINK)

Lithuanian lawmakers brand Russian actions in Ukraine as 'genocide', 'terrorism'ground.news10 May 2022 (LINK)

Vladimir Putin is 'more dangerous' than Hitler or Stalin, says Poland's Prime Minister May 2022 (LINK)

Leader of Pussy Riot Band Escapes Russia, With Help From Friendsground.news10 May 2022 (LINK)

Leonid Kravchuk, independent Ukraine's first president, dies at 88 ground.news10 May 2022 (LINK)

Missiles pound Odesa after Russian Victory Day strikesreuters10 May 2022 (LINK)

At least 100 civilians remained trapped in the Mariupol steel plant, which remained under heavy Russian fire, an aide to Mariupol mayor said on Tuesday.

Russian soldiers stuffed a Ukrainian man's body in his car trunk with a weight-sensitive mine that detonated when Ukrainian soldiers moved it, Politico reportsbusinessinsider10 May 2022 (LINK)

Stop Falling for Russia's Delusions of Perpetual Victoryforeignpolicy10 May 2022 (LINK)

UN: Civilian deaths in Ukraine 24 February – 10 May inclusive: 7,256 civilian casualties in the country: 3,496 killed and 3,760 injured.unohchr11 May 2022 (LINK)

9 May 2022

Guardian on Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 75 of the invasion

Biden signs Ukraine lend-lease act into law, expediting military aidwashingtonpost9 May 2022 (LINK)

Hackers deface Russian platforms and smart TVs to display anti-war messagesbusinessinsider9 May 2022 (LINK)

Ukraine mocked Russia's 'Victory Day' by holding a 'parade' of captured Russian tanksbusinessinsider9 May 2022 (LINK)

Putin tries to justify Ukraine invasion in Victory Day speechdailymail9 May 2022 (LINK)

Ukraine War: Putin's Victory Day speech fact-checkedbbc9 May 2022 (LINK)

Elon Musk is threatened by the head of Russia's space agency for providing internet to Ukrainians: SpaceX CEO jokes 'if I die under mysterious circumstances, it's been nice knowin' ya' — but his mom Maye doesn't find it funnydailymail9 May 2022 (LINK)

Some suggested the Tesla CEO's cryptic tweet about death under 'mysterious circumstances' might be referring to the Clintons, but it seems Musk is likely more worried about Russiafoxnews9 May 2022 (LINK)

UN: Civilian deaths in Ukraine 24 February – 9 May inclusive: 7,172 civilian casualties in the country: 3,459 killed and 3,713 injured.unohchr10 May 2022 (LINK)


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