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By no means complete, but maybe what you won't want to have missed, if possible from non-UN sources

UNICC agency head sees 'massive opportunities' in crypto: WEF 2022cointelegraph31 May 2022 (LINK)

50 years of UN environmental diplomacy: What's worked and the trends ahead: (a very partial view)theconversation31 May 2022 (LINK)

PassBlue Trending UN News: Week Ending 27 May 2022passblue29 May 2022 (LINK)

Yemen: UN talks to open roads to blockaded city inconclusiveapnews28 May 2022 (LINK)

Climate change: The world isn't spending enough to prevent disasters, UN saysbloomberg / scmp28 May 2022 (LINK)

Of the US$133 billion disaster-related financing in 2010 to 2019, only 4 per cent went to reducing risks, rest was spent on more costly post-calamity responses

UN's Bachelet 'raised concerns' on visit to China's Xinjiangdw28 May 2022 (LINK)

Activists slammed UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet for her restrained criticism directed at China's leaders after her return from Xinjiang. But Bachelet noted that her visit was "not an investigation."

China and Russia veto new UN sanctions for first time since 2006, for North Koreacnn27 May 2022 (LINK)

IOM: Up to 600 missing at sea in 3 months in Central Medground.news26 May 2022 (LINK)

Al Jazeera to refer journalist Shireen Abu Akleh's killing to ICC ground.news26 May 2022 (LINK)

It's time for Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and other billionaires to 'step up' and help end hunger crisis, says head of UN's World Food Programcryptoknowmics25 May 2022 (LINK)

World Bank rules out bridge financing to crisis-hit Sri Lankaground.news25 May 2022 (LINK)

Chinese leader Xi defends record to UN human rights chiefground.news24 May 2022 (LINK)

UN leaders target Norway over proposed budget cutsdevex24 May 2022 (LINK)

President of Human Rights Council appoints members of investigative body on Nicaraguaohchr24 May 2022 (LINK)

WHO chief Tedros reappointed to second five-year termapnews24 May 2022 (LINK)

Africa objects to U.S. push to reform health rules at WHO assemblyreuters24 May 2022 (LINK)

UN rights chief to visit China's Xinjiangdw24 May 2022 (LINK)

Number of displaced people passes 100m for the first time, says UNHCRtheguardian23 May 2022 (LINK)

Russian diplomat to UN in Geneva resigns over invasion of Ukraineaxios23 May 2022 (LINK)

'Never have I been so ashamed': Russian envoy criticizes war: AP

International Day for Biological Diversity 2022: Investing in natural infrastructure for a shared future for all lifeundp20 May 2022 (LINK)

UNESCO: "We have barely 3 years left to preserve the hospitality of our world and the diversity of the species that inhabit it. A radical change in our relationship with nature and other living beings is needed – in order to design and build a truly shared world"unesco20 May 2022 (LINK)

UN Rights Chief to Visit China from 23 May for First Time Since 2005ground.news20 May 2022 (LINK)

WHO holds emergency meeting as monkeypox cases top 100 in Europereuters20 May 2022 (LINK)

UN hopes to restore Ukraine grain exports amid global food crisisaljazeera19 May 2022 (LINK)

Earth's oceans have reached the hottest and most acidic levels on record, UN sayscnbc19 May 2022 (LINK)

UN boss unveils new clean energy proposalsaxios18 May 2022 (LINK)

UN Human Rights Council votes to start war crimes probe in Kyivaxios12 May 2022 (LINK)

China Berates WHO Chief for 'Irresponsible' Remarks on Its Zero-COVID Policyreuters / usnews11 May 2022 (LINK)

WHO accuses tobacco industry of 'greenwashing' in new reportabcnews12 May 2022 (LINK)

WHO accuses tobacco industry of 'greenwashing' in new reportabcnews12 May 2022 (LINK)

UN chief appalled at Al Jazeera reporter's killing during Israeli raid on West Bankbbc12 May 2022 (LINK)

4.8 mln jobs lost in Ukraine since start of conflict: ILO - People's Daily Onlinexinhua / peoples daily11 May 2022 (LINK)

WHO terms China's Covid strategy May 2022 (LINK)

A Blogger Exposed UNOPS' Wrongdoings. Its Boss Eventually Resignedpassblue11 May 2022 (LINK)

More than 8 million people displaced in Ukraine: UNThis is in addition to the more than 5.9 million Ukrainians who have left the country entirely since Moscow invaded on February 24.ground.news10 May 2022 (LINK)

Ukraine civilian deaths 'thousands higher' than UN's official toll: UNground.news10 May 2022 (LINK)

WHO: At least 3,000 Ukrainians have died from lack of chronic health treatmentsaxios10 May 2022 (LINK)

World could see 1.5C of warming in next five years, WMO reportsreuters8 May 2022 (LINK)

Palestinians warn against plans to weaken their UN agencyal-monitor2 May 2022 (LINK)

How AI can help fight misinformationitu2 May 2022 (LINK)

The U.N. predicts 560 disasters a year by 2030deseret30 April 2022 (LINK)

The future is increasingly a disaster zone, new report warnstheverge26 April 2022 (LINK)

This is what the world's first floating city will look likeweforum29 April 2022 (LINK)

South Korea to build a floating city for 12,000 people next year, with UN backingnbcnews27 April 2022 (LINK)

Sand crisis looms as world population surges, U.N. warnsreuters26 April 2022 (LINK)

Liechtenstein's 'Veto Initiative' Wins Wide Approval at the UN. Will It Deter the Major Powers?passblue26 April 2022 (LINK)

Russia quits UN tourism body ahead of vote on its suspensionreuters26 April 2022 (LINK)

New chair elected, UN forum on Indigenous issuesindiancountrytoday26 April 2022 (LINK)

How's Guterres Doing? B-, Says One Report Card From a Feminist Grouppassblue25 April 2022 (LINK)

An Agenda for the UN Secretary-General's Trip to Russia and Ukrainecrisisgroup24 April 2022 (LINK)

UN human rights office calls Russia's war against Ukraine 'a horror story of violations perpetrated against civilians'businessinsider22 April 2022 (LINK)

Sarah Burch: I Helped Pen the UN Climate Report. Here's Why It Gives Me Hope: it shows a clear path forwardundark21 April 2022 (LINK)

UK Rwanda asylum plan against international law, says UN refugee agencybbc16 April 2022 (LINK)

U.N. envoy hopeful that there's a 'light at the end of the tunnel' for Yemen's warap /pbs14 April 2022 (LINK)

The Missing Link in a UN Cold Case? A Right-wing French Death Warrant Against Dag Hammarskjold Comes to Lightpassblue14 April 2022 (LINK)

UN says Ukraine war threatens to devastate many poor nations through food and energy costs and financial problemsapnews14 April 2022 (LINK)

WHO chief blames racism for greater focus on Ukraine than Ethiopiaap / theguardian13 April 2022 (LINK)

UNDP launches new programme to address the socio-economic impact on Ukraine caused by the warundp11 April 2022 (LINK)

UN unveils plan to prevent stricken oil tanker disaster off Yemen coastground.news8 April 2022 (LINK)

UN suspends Russia from human rights body, Moscow then quitsreuters / rappler8 April 2022 (LINK)

UN agency accepts first stablecoin donations worth $2.5M to help Ukrainian refugeescointelegraph6 April 2022 (LINK)

'Now or never': Only severe emissions cuts will avoid climate extremes – U.N. report: Global emissions are on track to blow past the 1.5 degrees C warming limit envisioned in the 2015 Paris Agreement and reach some 3.2 degrees C by century's end.reuters5 April 2022 (LINK)

Talks on new UN climate report going down to the wireap / ground.news3 April 2022 (LINK)

CBC interviews UN Human Rights Monitor in Ukrainecbc3 April 2022 (LINK)

Yemen: warring parties lay down weapons for two months in first nationwide truce since 2016theguardian3 April 2022 (LINK)

ILO elects Gilbert Houngbo as its next chiefgenevasolutions25 March 2022 (LINK)

UN World Food Programme strongly condemns third attack on S. Sudan humanitarian convoy in four monthswfp25 March 2022 (LINK)
WFP Executive Director to announce major new fundraising drive for Ukraine on 29 March: "aimed at billionaires, corporations, and individuals"wfp25 for 29 March 2022 (LINK)

UN blames Russia for Ukraine humanitarian crisis, urges aidapnews24 March 2022 (LINK)

ILO cuts ties with Russia 'until a ceasefire is agreed'genevasolutions23 March 2022 (LINK)

UN council defeats Russia humanitarian resolution on Ukraine that does not mention invasionapnews23 March 2022 (LINK)

Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun, explaining his country's vote in favor of the Russian resolution, said council members should focus on humanitarian issues, "transcend the political differences" and try to reach consensus and "respond to the humanitarian crisis in a positive, pragmatic and constructive manner".

S. Korean slavery victim seeks UN justice as time runs outapnews21 March 2022 (LINK)

UN warns Russian blockade of Ukraine's grain exports may trigger global faminetheguardian18 March 2022 (LINK)

UN report: nearly 6.5 million Ukrainians internally displaced in addition to 3.2 million have have fled countrythehill18 March 2022 (LINK)

President of Fake UN Affiliate Convicted of Fraud in Crypto Scamcoindesk18 March 2022 (LINK)

A Ukrainian child has become a refugee almost every single second since Russia invaded, according to UNICEFbusinessinsider17 March 2022 (LINK)

UN seeks $4.27 billion in appeal for war-ravaged Yemenground.news16 March 2022 (LINK)

The United Nations on 16 March received only $1.3 billion in pledges towards a $4.27 billion aid plan for war-torn Yemen where the humanitarian drive had seen funding dry up even before global attention turned to the conflict in Ukraine.

U.N. says military violence in Myanmar may be 'crimes against humanity'npr16 March 2022 (LINK)

World Must Not Forget Afghanistan Because Of Ukraine War: UN Refugee chiefbarrons15 March 2022 (LINK)

U.N. chief warns war is hurting poor countries: many depend on Russia and Ukraine for foodpolitico15 March 2022 (LINK)

UN to work on safe corridor for ships stranded by Ukraine conflictground.news12 March 2022 (LINK)

UN nuclear watchdog: Technicians starting to repair Chernobyl power linesaxios12 March 2022 (LINK)

More than 2.5 million people have fled Ukraine, UN saysreuters11 March 2022 (LINK)

UN rights office says it has credible reports of Russian cluster bomb use in Ukrainereuters11 March 2022 (LINK)

Belarus: UN Human Rights Committee condemns execution of Viktor Pavlov whose petition was still being examined by the Committeeohchr10 March 2022 (LINK)

UN expert expert expresses seriously concerned by housing rights violations from "indiscriminate use of weapons" in Ukraineohchr9 March 2022 (LINK)

UN Syria Commission warns of escalating violence, plummeting economy and a humanitarian disasterohchr9 March 2022 (LINK)

Belarus: UN report details scale and patterns of human rights violations committed with impunityohchr9 March 2022 (LINK)

"It appears that arrests were largely random, with security forces pursuing and subduing any person within reach. In addition, men without insignia and wearing balaclavas took part in the forced dispersal of protests, 'creating a climate of fear and lawlessness,'' the report says. Broad use of unnecessary and disproportionate force repeatedly violated people’s rights, including to freedom of expression, assembly and association.

In total, between May 2020 and May 2021, at least 37,000 people were detained, many of them placed in administrative detention for up to 15 days. Of this total, some 13,500 people were arbitrarily arrested and detained between 9 and 14 August alone. The information collected by the examination indicates that torture and ill-treatment were widespread and systematic."

UN rights chief to visit Xinjiang in May as groups press for reportground.news8 March 2022 (LINK)

UN And US Press South Sudan To Prepare For Electionsibtimes7 March 2022 (LINK)

Ukraine and Russia to face off at World Court over genocide claimground.news7 March 2022 (LINK)

Lacking Other Options, UN Security Council Takes Watchdog Role In Ukraine Warground.news7 March 2022 (LINK)

UNEP's 50th anniversary: Sierra Leone's Environment Minister addresses special sessionsslconcordtimes7 March 2022 (LINK)

He highlighted practical steps taken by the Government of Sierra Leone including the establishment of a climate change secretariat within the ministry of environment, developing new legislations that govern the release of air pollutants and the management of plastic and electronic waste, and the initiation of an ambitious four years National Tree Planting programme aimed at planting 5 million trees to help restore 12,750 hectares of degraded land thereby increasing biodiversity and offsetting the carbon release in the country.

Dozens of Western diplomats staged a walkout while Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov addressed the UN Human Rights Councilbusinessinsider1 March 2022 (LINK)

Diplomats stage walk out during Lavrov's UN speeches in Geneva(Geneva Solutions)

International Court of Justice will hold public hearings on allegations of genocide in Ukraineap / marketwatch1 March 2022 (LINK)

IPCC adaptation report 'a damning indictment of failed global leadership on climate'ungeneva28 February 2022 (LINK)

UNOCHA reports at least 240 civilian casualties, 64 deaths in Ukraineground.news27 February 2022 (LINK)

UN chief appoints Amin Awad of Sudan as UN crisis coordinator for Ukrainexinhua / bignewsnetwork26 February 2022 (LINK)

Eight polio vaccinators killed in series of Afghan attacks: UNafp / wionews24 February 2022 (LINK)

U.N. Myanmar expert says junta using new Russian, Chinese arms against civiliansreuters23 February 2022 (LINK)

World must brace for 14% more extreme wildfires by 2030, 50% by 2050: UNEPground.news22 February 2022 (LINK)

Even the most ambitious efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions will not prevent a surge in the frequency of extreme fire conditions. Exposure to wildfire smoke results, on average, in more than 30,000 deaths each year across 43 nations.

4 UN security officers detained in Central African Republicground.news22 February 2022 (LINK)

U.N. refugee agency voices concern over Greece's treatment of asylum seekersground.news22 February 2022 (LINK)

COVID-19: Health workers face 'dangerous neglect', warn WHO, ILOun21 February 2022 (LINK)

Myanmar hits out at top UN court over Rohingya genocide casenewswires / france2421 February 2022 (LINK)

India journalist Ayyub faces 'judicial harassment': UN experts.aljazeera21 February 2022 (LINK)

Nicaragua sentences former Minister (and onetime U.N. ambassador) to 13 years in prison for "conspiracy to undermine national integrity".ap / ground.news21 February 2022 (LINK)

Forced displacement in Colombia more than doubled in 2021: UNOCHA Reportaljazeera16 February 2022 (LINK)

WTO staff criticisms of reform planthegenevaobserver10 February 2022 (LINK)

UNICEF calls for child safeguards amid mainstream crypto adoptioncointelegraph31 January 2022 (LINK)

NFT Charity Auction Launched to Help Vulnerable Displaced Afghans through UNdailycoin31 January 2022 (LINK)

DR Congo issues death sentences for murder of UN expertsbbc30 January 2022 (LINK)

Food insecurity soaring across 20 hunger hotspotsun27 January 2022 (LINK)

Tedros, sole nominee for WHO chief, lays out priorities for next 5 yearsdevex25 January 2022 (LINK)

ILO launches new video download platformilo25 January 2022 (LINK)

UN provides USD 32 million cash aid to Afghanistananinews22 January 2022 (LINK)

ILO holds public dialogues with candidates for Director-Generalilo21 January 2022 (LINK)

UNAIDS Director of Innovation receives Schwab Social Innovators of the Year awardunaids19 January 2022 (LINK)

He received the award for his work in creating the Health Innovation Exchange (HIEx), a platform that links innovators, governments and investors and finds solutions to global health-care problems, from COVID-19 diagnosis to the cost of medicines.

ILO report says Afghan crisis causing massive job lossesapnews19 January 2022 (LINK)

ILO: No return to pre-pandemic job levels until 'at least' 2023genevasolutions17 January 2022 (LINK)

UN seeks Thailand's help to halt Myanmar crisis deteriorationaljazeera18 January 2022 (LINK)

The Taliban are wiping out women from the public sphere, UN experts warngenevasolutions17 January 2022 (LINK)

United States permanent representative-designate to the UN, Sheba Crocker, has arrived in Geneva, after a long unfilled vacancy.usmission17 January 2022 (LINK)

Ethiopia says WHO chief has links to rebellious Tigrayan forcesreuters15 January 2022 (LINK)

Iran, Venezuela and Sudan lose vote at UN over unpaid duesfrance2412 January 2022 (LINK)

A total of 11 countries are behind in their payments, Secretary General Antonio Guterres said Tuesday in a letter to the General Assembly.

Release of detainees a 'significant confidence-building step' in Ethiopia: UN chiefnews.un.org7 January 2022 (LINK)

Plastics in blue carbon ecosystems: a call for global cooperation on climate change goalsthelancet1 January 2022 (LINK)

UNECE and Canada mobilize experts to tackle challenges of measuring the circular economyunece31 December 2021 from 16 December (LINK)

New Humanitarian 2021 in review: Investigationsthenewhumanitarian24 December 2021 (LINK)

"Our reporters uncovered COVID corruption, a sex abuse scandal that rocked the WHO, infighting over how to green aid operations, and more…"

The first text message is now a $150,000 NFT: Vodafone will donate the proceeds to the United Nations Refugee Agencyengadget23 December 2021 (LINK)

What happened to the emergency UN money promised for gender-based violence?thenewhumanitarian9 December 2021 (LINK)

In its 2022 Global Humanitarian Overview, [...] in the UN’s emergency aid coordination body, OCHA, estimated that for every three months that COVID-19 lockdowns continue, roughly 15 million additional cases of GBV are committed. And [...]] the UN’s refugee agency, UNHCR, condemned “alarming” rates of gender-based violence in Central America, citing it as a driver of much of the migration from the region. According to the latest UN data, financing to combat GBV has remained flat, hovering at around one percent of all humanitarian assistance, comparable to estimates for 2019.

FAO: International Mountain Day around the worldfao9 December 2021 (LINK)

‘Disastrous’ Use of Plastics in Agriculture Threatens Soil and Human Health, UN Report Warnsfao / ecowatch7 December 2021 (LINK)

UN rights chief deplores 'politically motivated' conviction of Myanmar's Suu Kyiaa6 December 2021 (LINK)

UN biodiversity summit postponed over Omicron Covid-19 variantafp / straitstimes3 December 2021 (LINK)

Bangladesh, Laos, Nepal graduate from least developed country categoryxinhuanet25 November 2021 (LINK)

Backed by the United Nations South Korea is building the world's first floating city – It will be fully sustainable, consist of several islands anchored to the sea floor and be ready by 2025luxurylaunches24 November 2021 (LINK)

Six young entrepreneurs, six solutions to global crises at Young Activist Summitgenevasolutions19 November 2021 (LINK)

UN: Ethiopia releases 6 UN staff and all 70 plus driversapnews18 November 2021 (LINK)

Greece: Guilty verdict for migrant rights defenders could mean more deaths at sea – UN expertohchr18 November 2021 (LINK)

What young people hope to achieve at the UNswissinfo17 November 20(LINK)

UN demands that Yemen's Houthi rebels free detained staffersapnews17 November 2021 (LINK)

UN experts call on Iran to repeal 'anti-abortion' population lawaljazeera16 November 2021 (LINK)

The UN responded to Elon Musk's challenge to prove how his wealth could tackle world hunger by revealing a $6.6 billion planbusinessinsider16 November 2021 (LINK)

COP26 closes with 'compromise' deal on climate, but it's not enough, says UN chiefnews.un.org13 November 2021 (LINK)

What the world did and didn't accomplish at COP26vox13 November 2021 (LINK)

UN investigator: Crimes against humanity under Myanmar juntaapnews6 November 2021 (LINK)

To keep global warming below 1.5°C, a significant contribution from Nature-based Solutions is necessary and possible: report by UNEP and IUCNiucn5 November 2021 (LINK)

WTO issues information briefs on trade, climate, related issues with COP26 talks underwaywto3 November 2021 (LINK)

Briefing paper: PDF (LINK)

What does green trade mean for small businesses? Small firms in developing countries are more worried about climate change but less likely to actitc4 November 2021 (LINK)

Helping pave the path to peace in Libyagenevasolutions3 November 2021 (LINK)

Climate magnifies hunger in Madagascar, forecasted poor rains bring dread and despairwfp2 November 2021 (LINK)

After a 20-Month Lockdown, UN Plans to Return to Near-Normal by Mid-Novemberipsnews1 November 2021 (LINK)

States must investigate and prosecute violence against journalists – UN experts: International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists — unbriefs2 November 2021 (LINK)

Extended UN Geneva headquarters open for businessswissinfo1 November 2021 (LINK)

New Geneva UN building inaugurated on 1 November 2021UNOG29 October 2021 (LINK)

At 2:30 pm, just outside the new building. At 12 noon and 12:30 pm, there will be two guided tours of the building. Answering questions, UNoG specified that the H Building was an office building rather than a conference facility, and journalists who had official business in H Building could get access through UNIS.

Good News From COP26: UN Members Agree on a New Enterprise to Transform Global Responses to Climate Changepassblue31 October 2021 (LINK)

2021 among hottest years in history: UN datathehill31 October 2021 (LINK)

The World Meteorological Congress has approved three sweeping initiatives to dramatically strengthen the world's weather and climate services through a systematic increase in much-needed observational data and data products from across the globesource20 October 2021 (LINK)

IMF: Global economy projected to grow 5.9 percent in 2021 and 4.9 percent in 2022, 0.1 percentage point lower for 2021 than in the July forecast.imf21 October 2021 (LINK)

A special chapter of the IMF World Economic Outlook 2021 shows that basic research is an essential input into innovation, with wide-ranging international spillovers and long-lasting economic impacts.

Moves at UN Signal That the Search for a New Tech Envoy May Be Underway after women's complaintspassblue20 October 2021 (LINK)

Cop26 corporate sponsors condemn climate summit as 'mismanaged'theguardian17 October 2021 (LINK)

United Nations withdraws job offer to controversial former U.K. Minister theguardian16 October 2021 (LINK)

The future under climate change: graphics and mapstheguardian14 October 2021 (LINK)

Biodiversity commitment builds hope for 'living in harmony with nature'un13 October 2021 (LINK)

WHO establishes new scientific group to study COVID origins, prevent future pandemicsun13 October 2021 (LINK)

Five candidates for ILO top job from 1 October 2022ilo12 October 2021 (LINK)

IMF board to meet Sunday for more talks on Georgieva's futurereuters9 October 2021 (LINK)

The World Bank earlier released a report on the investigation by law firm WilmerHale. It found that senior bank leaders including Georgieva unduly pressured staff to alter data to improve China's ranking in the Doing Business report while the bank was seeking China's support for a capital increase.

Circles of impunity: why sexual violence by humanitarians and peacekeepers keeps happeningtheconversation8 October 2021 (LINK)

Myanmar: UN High Commissioner for Human Rights gravely concerned over substantial deployment of heavy weapons and troops by the Myanmar military— ohchr8 October 2021 (LINK)

The Human Rights Council recognises for the first time that having a clean, healthy and sustainable environment is a human rightohchr8 October 2021 (LINK)

IMF chief facing data-rigging allegations defends actionsapnews8 October 2021 (LINK)

UN rights body establishes investigator for Afghanistanreuters7 October 2021 (LINK)

U.N. weather agency says world ill-prepared for 'looming water crisis'washingtonpost5 October 2021 (LINK)

Migrants tortured and killed in Libya by Russian mercenaries among others - UNrfi5 October 2021 (LINK)

UN: World Data Forum meets at 'critical time' with COVID battle ongoingun2 October 2021 (LINK)

UNCTAD 15 Interactive Programmeunctad1 October 2021 (LINK)

WIPO list of world's most innovative countries: Switzerland top for 11th timeweforum30 September 2021 (LINK)

South Korea climbed from 10th in 2020 to 5th in 2021. China at 12 is up from 14 in 2020 and 2019 and 17 in 2018. China was also named the most innovative upper middle-income country ahead of Bulgaria (overall rank 35), while Vietnam (overall rank 44) came first for lower middle-income countries, followed by India (overall rank 46).

Ethiopia expels seven U.N. officials, accusing them of 'meddling'reuters30 September 2021 (LINK)

UNCTAD report on data-driven digital economyunctad30 September 2021 (LINK)

" Only 20 per cent of people in least developed countries (LDCs) use the Internet; when they do, it is typically at relatively low download speeds and with a relatively high price tag attached. Moreover, the nature of use differs. For example, while up to 8 in 10 Internet users shop online in several developed countries, that figure is less than 1 in 10 in many LDCs. Further, within countries, there are significant divides between rural and urban areas, as well as between men and women. The largest gender divides are observed among LDCs and in the African region."

Yemeni humanitarian organization wins UN refugee awardgenevasolutions29 September 2021 (LINK)

Alleged reprisals and intimidation against 240 who cooperated with UN un29 September 2021 (LINK)

Sustainability Standards: A new deal to build forward betterITC27 September 2021 (LINK) press release

ITC State of Sustainable Markets reportITC27 September 2021 (LINK)

New version of ITC trade standards mapITC27 September 2021 (LINK)

Support for Nuclear Ban Treaty Is Rising. Nuclear Nations Are on the Defensivetruthout24 September 2021 (LINK)

NGOs Frozen Out of U.N. Buildingforeignpolicy23 September 2021 (LINK)

UN health agency sets higher, tougher bar for air qualityapnews22 September 2021 (LINK)

UN releases funds to save Afghan health system from collapsealjazeera22 September 2021 (LINK)

UN urges moratorium on use of AI that imperils human rightsapnews16 September 2021 (LINK)

UN rights chief reveals new initiative to protect environmental defendersgenevasolutions14 September 2021 (LINK)

$1 billion pledge a 'quantum leap' in commitment to Afghanistan: UN chiefun13 September 2021 (LINK)

Costa Rican economist Rebeca Grynspan took up her new role as secretary-general of UNCTAD on 13 September for a four-year termunctad13 September 2021 (LINK)

Donors pledge $1.2B for Afghanistan as UN warns of catastrophedailysabah13 September 2021 (LINK)

Taliban response to Afghan protests increasingly violent, UN saysreuters10 September 2021 (LINK)

UN raises alarm on Taliban crackdown on dissent, journalistsapnews10 September 2021 (LINK)

Droughts have killed the most people in the world's worst natural disasters over the last 50 yearsbusinessinsider1 September 2021 (LINK)

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