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How an electric shock saved the lives of hundreds of fish in Zurich

By Blue News

Heat and drying water make life difficult for the animals. The Canton of Zurich's fisheries control agency has to go out to save trout and other fish – on a regular basis. A look at the Tösstal.

The Mühlebach in Zurich's Tösstal causes problems almost every summer. Due to the persistent drought, the creek has also degenerated into a trickle in many places.

The situation is tricky for aquatic animals: since there is no prospect of precipitation, they are threatened with death.

The Canton of Zurich is therefore resorting to the last resort: emergency fishing. Christoph Quinter, cantonal fisheries supervisor, goes out with colleagues to catch as many fish as possible and release them in safer waters.

It will by far not be the last mission of this kind: "With the persistently hot weather, we have to move out every day," explains Quinter in an interview with Blue News. The video report shows how the fisheries supervisors proceed and what they have to watch out for.

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