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Events in Switzerlandmyswitzerland — (LINK)

Young Swiss abroad Congress crafts climate to-do listswissinfo30 July 2022 (LINK)

Less buzz, less variety: fewer pollinators lead to lower plant diversitycosmosmagazine26 July 2022 (LINK)

Melting glacier in Alps shifts border between Switzerland and Italyafp / theguardian26 July 2022 (LINK)

Freezing point above Swiss Alps reaches new heights, smashing record from 27 years agoiflscience25 July 2022 (LINK)

Credit Suisse eyes more cost cuts, SonntagsZeitung reportsinvesting24 July 2022 (LINK)

Switzerland faces energy uncertainty like never before, says energy authoritylenews22 July 2022 (LINK)

Switzerland's dangerous glaciers under close surveillanceswissinfo21 July 2022 (LINK)

How an electric shock saved the lives of hundreds of fish in ZurichBlue News19 July 2022 (LINK)

Russia threatens Swiss newspaper with legal action for publishing image of Putin with a clown noseBusiness Insider17 July 2022 (LINK)

The women of crypto take over Davos WEFcointelegraph17 July 2022 (LINK)

Greening Aid for Trade: Future priorities and pathways for a just transition to sustainable trade: Geneva, 28 July 2022 — tessforum16 July 2022 (LINK)

"Greatest athlete in the world" Jim Thorpe reinstated by IOC as sole winner of two 1912 Olympic eventscbsnews15 July 2022 (LINK)

Price paid for solar electricity too low for many Swiss home ownerslenews15 July 2022 (LINK)

Switzerland's autonomous underground cargo system aims for 2031 debutnewatlas13 July 2022 (LINK)

Switzerland hosts NATO meeting in Geneva on 11-13 July — for first time country outside the Western military alliancegenevasolutions13 July 2022 (LINK)

— A Bern spokesperson told Le Temps that the decision to host the third edition of the symposium in Switzerland "was made a long time ago", before Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and was originally due to be held during the pandemic.

Geneva is not yet capital of digital governance because of lack of political support for concrete projectsAP13 July 2022 (LINK)

Rolex watches discontinued in 2022beckertime12 July 2022 (LINK)

Swiss Army knife celebrates 125th anniversary; CEO on the past and future of his companyfoxbusiness9 July 2022 (LINK)

FIFA's Sepp Blatter and UEFA's Michel Platini acquitted of corruption by Swiss courtground.news8 July 2022 (LINK)

ETH Zurich creates dramatically contoured concrete slab ceiling that saves energydezeen8 July 2022 (LINK)

Twin cultural destination Musée de l'Elysée and Mudac completed in Lausannewallpaper5 July 2022 (LINK)

Ukrainian woman professor at EPFL and University of Geneva mathematician among four awarded Fields Medal: "Nobel Prize for Maths"epfl5 July 2022 (LINK)

For His Sporting Approach to Math, a Fields Medalquantamagazine5 July 2022 (LINK)

Federer says he hopes to play Wimbledon 'one more time'ground.news3 July 2022 (LINK)

Swiss minister asks public to reduce their heating next winterlenews2 July 2022 (LINK)

First same-sex couples get married in Switzerlandground.news1 July 2022 (LINK)

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