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Coping with the lockdown blues and blahs

Our collection of links for those concerned with the impact of COVID-19.

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Microsoft revealed the latest truths about working from home. One is truly disturbing

"The data is clear: Our people are struggling. Those who don't make the decisions are thriving 23 points less than their bosses" (LINK).

How I Built a Web Scraper with Beautiful Soup and Used it to Land My First Job

I had a few great internships (one of which was at Facebook), but I knew I needed something to bolster my résumé. I discovered that side projects had a lot of potential to do just that (LINK).


A psychotherapist says the most mentally strong kids always do these 7 things—and how parents can teach them

Mental strength requires you to pay attention to three things: the way you think, feel and act. Thinking big, feeling good and acting brave helps us  (LINK).

8 Ways to Bolster Executive Function in Teens and Tweens

"Middle and high school students suddenly face more complex schedules, tougher academic work, and an expanding network of friends. How can we help them manage it all?" (LINK).

Beware: Eating disorders are glamorized on social media

The South African Society of Psychiatrists (SASOP) says media stereotypes of beauty and “ideal” body types had long been implicated in contributing to eating disorders, especially in those already vulnerable or at-risk. (LINK).

5 Ways to Do More Mood-Boosting Activities: Behavioural Activation

Originally published 5 October 2016 (LINK).

Why teenage sleep is so important for mental health

Teenagers can sometimes struggle to get out of bed in the morning — but ensuring they get enough sleep could be vital for health in later life. (LINK).

Learned Optimism: Can You Choose to be Happy?

note (LINK).

Use Art Therapy to Get to Know Yourself

"If you want to get to know yourself better and lighten the burden of stress in your daily life, you can use these techniques to help yourself." (LINK).

How to cope with anxiety as a teen

Cognitive behavioural therapy provides a toolbox of skills to help you manage anxiety and do what you want with your life (LINK).

A Psychological Trick to Evoke An Interesting Conversation

First published 3 February 2021: "If you want smart answers, do not ask a question. Instead, give a wrong answer or ask a question in such a way that it already contains the wrong information. It is highly likely that people will correct you." (LINK).

Lockdown life

Microsoft Teams gets a slew of new features including encryption

A host of new features are arriving for Teams to further upgrade its capabilities, most notably in the form of end-to-end encryption for one-to-one calls, to significantly beef up their security (LINK).

These 3 Foods May Be Triggering Your Acne, According to Science

Originally published 31 January 2021 (LINK).


39 best films to stream on Netflix

cnet (LINK).

22 best TV series to binge on Amazon Prime Video

cnet (LINK).

Museum at Home: Upcoming Virtual Science Presentations

17 March - 19 May 2021. Also Virtual Science Learning courses. Virtual Sprint-Camp 29 March-2 April (LINK).

5 Gaming Reviews You Need to See



10 of Today's Top Side Hustles for Creatives That Pay up to $150 Per Hour in the U.S.

More than a third of Americans are doing it (LINK).

NEXSTEP Virtual Internship Programme

Advanced Experiential Learning (LINK).

Help Us Build Resilient Communities & Prevent Violent Extremism

Global Community Engagement & Resilience Fund: "We are looking for a Communications Intern who will support GCERF's Communications Specialist to increase GCERF’s visibility and enhance its public reputation" (LINK).


What COVID can teach us about learning from home — nikkei — 28 March 2021

27 free UPenn courses you can take online, including Wharton business classes — businessinsider — 26 March 2021

English Business Master's in Tourism and Change in Chur

Begin of study programme: 23 September 2021. Application deadline: 31 May (LINK).

A new Master's in Sustainable Management and Technology Master's in Sustainable Management and Technology at EPFL, Lausanne

A degree that will prepare the next generation to spearhead the transition towards a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive economy. It is hosted by the multi-institutional initiative Enterprise for Society Center (E4S). (LINK).

By accident, lockdown has shown English schools the secret of closing the achievement gap

Many children have benefited from working at their own pace online (LINK).

9 NYU courses you can take online for free, from the science of yoga to computer programming

NYU's tuition makes it one of the top 50 most expensive US universities, and that's in addition to being located in the most expensive region of one of the most expensive cities in the country. Aka, it's not necessarily accessible to everyone who wishes they could go there. One nice perk of e-learning is that many top schools — including NYU — offers both free classes online (LINK).

Free Python Handbook

You sign up for the free newsletter (LINK).

Real insights that will change your approach to corporate learning

"For learning to be effective it must deliver material in short, impactful segments, capturing learner’s attention quickly. A recent report shows that organizations that allow their employees to train on mobile devices saw a training frequency improvement of over 40%." (LINK).

How to Read a Research Paper

A research paper is written not only to provide an exceptional learning opportunity but also to pave the way for further advancements in the field. These papers help other scholars germinate the thought seed that can either lead to a new world of ideas or an innovative method of solving a longstanding problem (LINK).

Access 2000+ free online courses with the newest Alison app

The new app offers fewer ads for an improved learning experience(LINK).

Robots in schools: new teaching methods on the horizon?



Follow the '70-20-10 Rule' to Produce Your Best Work

Aiming to do more work will generally get you further than aiming to do excellent work (LINK).

Media Literacy Challenge Kit: Upper Grades and Higher Ed

There are two tracks of lessons for these materials: a lower grades track (for primary or K-5 students), and an upper grades track (for secondary, middle school, high school, or higher education students). All of the activities use Spark, a free online tool that is easy to use. In every lesson students imagine, design, and create all the components they need to make their own presentations that they can submit as their “challenge” materials (LINK).

The Preteen’s Guide to Getting Rich Off YouTube

Ryan Kaji’s video empire makes most of its revenue from merchandise, not ads (LINK).

Remote teaching tips: downloadable books

British Council: These tips provide new ideas for teachers less familiar with remote teaching and provide fresh insights for teachers who already teach remotely (LINK).

The New Work-life Balance (and the Tech that Makes it Possible)

To reach the right work-life balance, it seems we particularly put stock in the four following values (LINK).

Online Learning: A Cure All in the Time of Pandemic

"The necessity and importance of Online Learning, its strength, weaknesses and challenges" (LINK).

The best news apps for iPad-2021

The iPad has really transformed how we consume the news: what was once done only first thing in the morning with a newspaper or radio blurb and then in the evening on the television can now be done at any time of the day or night to keep you up-to-date on breaking news stories or ongoing pieces. (LINK).

The best iPhone apps for great outdoors-2021

U.S.-oriented (LINK).

The best science apps for iPhone-2021

"Science and science news apps which cater to learners of all ages, encompassing every imaginable aspect of science from biology to astronomy and everything in between." (LINK).

10 New Focused Attention Practices

Whether students are in class or at home, these quick breaks can help them find calm and prime their brains for learning. (LINK).


The Fate Of Elon Musk’s Assistant Is A Cautionary Tale For Negotiating Salary

"Negotiating is risky — but so is not negotiating." (LINK).

The preparation a manager expects to see during your job interview: 28 February 2021 (LINK)

Your future

IUCN holds Global Youth Summit 5-16 April 2021

The virtual IUCN One Nature, One Future Global Youth Summit will strengthen connections between young leaders and their existing global networks, encourage interdisciplinary learning, provide a space for broader storytelling on conservation, and add momentum to growing youth movements for nature and climate. 

During this unique time of history, virtual spaces open the opportunity for greater inclusivity. Youth from around the world are invited to participate in youth-led capacity building workshops, networking events, and contribute to an outcome document to be delivered to IUCN’s World Conservation Congress in 2021 (LINK).

Female inclusion may be the key to your family business's success

Net profits were on average ten times greater in FTSE 350 companies with more than 33% of its executives being female, than those companies with no women at this level (LINK).

Bouncing back better

A giant leap towards measuring nature’s contributions to the economy

Countries can now calculate the services that ecosystems provide – such as carbon storage and flood protection — and their contributions to the economy in a standardized way and with the same confidence as they calculate GDP to measure their economic production (LINK).

Biodiversity: ground-breaking change to economic reporting accounting for nature’s contribution to economy

The new framework goes beyond the commonly used statistic of gross domestic product (GDP) and ensures that natural capital accounts—the contributions of forests, oceans and other ecosystems—complements existing economic accounts (LINK).

Is an electric car better for the planet? 1 March 2021 (LINK)

The Top 10 sustainable product designs that help you maintain an eco-friendly and green lifestyle! 28 February 2021 (LINK)

Smart cities: spotting the post-pandemic opportunities

"As cities compete to remain attractive, they are likely to be a key driving force in the promotion of sustainable development, well ahead of states." (LINK).


Nine of France's most beautiful hidden villages

Auvers-sur-Oise, Corsica, Domme, Grasse, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, Riquewihr, Rochefort-en-Terre, Roussillon, Villefranche-sur-Mer (LINK).

22 Most Beautiful Places in Switzerland

14 Most Beautiful Places In Switzerland To Visit In 2021

Unknown art galleries in Switzerland — switzerlandtoday

72 obstacle-free trails in Switzerland — myswitzerland

You Have 24 Hours in Bern Switzerland Here’s What You Must See and Do! — dreamsinheels

Top 6 Most Unique Roads in Switzerland — newlyswissed

The secret treasure of Champex-Lac — switzerlandtoday

Top 10 mountain bike rides in the Alps — theguardian

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