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AI can detect prostate cancer better than doctors, study says23 July 2024 (LINK)

Microsoft's new AI system 'SpreadsheetLLM' unlocks insights from spreadsheets, boosting enterprise productivity15 July 2024 (LINK)

17 amazing ChatGPT 4o tips for beginners15 July 2024 (LINK)

New AI tool could be game-changer in battle against Alzheimer's without the need for invasive or costly diagnostic tests12 July 2024 (LINK) — 6 media reports — (LINK)

— The tool would allow those at risk to modify their lifestyles or start new drug treatments at an early stage when they are most effective. It would also prevent inappropriate treatment of people with cognitive problems likely to be caused by other conditions, such as anxiety and depression. The tool's prediction was more than 80% accurate, three times better than existing clinical methods.

New JEST AI training technique drastically faster, says Google decrypt.co6 July 2024 (LINK)

Ukraine's AI drones can target enemy uniforms and vehicleseurasiareview1 July 2024 (LINK)

— A Ukrainian tech startup has created a new AI-powered drone that can identify and target things based on visual cues, such as specific uniforms. These drones can operate together in swarms and communicate with each other. The startup says the drones can make quick decisions on their own. But to avoid mistakes, such as hitting friendly targets, they need human approval before taking action.

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban from Shark Tank show asked ChatGPT to analyze first Trump-Biden debate and judge the duo's communication skills, professionalism: "Based on the debate performance alone, it would be challenging to decisively hire either candidate without further evaluation of their professional capabilities and specific job fit."see_link30 June 2024 (LINK)

ChatGPT gives better answers to health-related questions than human physicians in 79% of cases, study findswww.psypost.org28 June 2024 (LINK)

— The researchers drew a random sample of 195 exchanges between physicians and patients from the Reddit's online forum r/AskDocs, a subreddit with approximately 474,000 members, where users can post medical questions and verified health care professional volunteers submit answers. They took care not to repeat questions and answers from the same physician and the same patient.

— Although different types of healthcare professionals respond in this forum, this study solely focused on answers given by physicians. This was because the study authors expected the responses of physicians to be of better quality than answers given by other types of healthcare professionals. If a physician provided multiple responses, only the first was included in the analysis.

ChatGPT was tasked with generating answers to the same questions. The original question, the physician's response, and ChatGPT's response were presented to a team of three evaluators, who were blinded to the source of each response. The evaluators assessed which response was better, rated the quality of the information, and evaluated the empathy or bedside manner displayed.

ChatGPT has changed the way scientists write scientific papers.neurosciencenews.com28 June 2024 (LINK)

— A study of 14 million research papers reveals a sudden and dramatic change that occurred soon after ChatGPT appeared. Thato the researchers' surprise, an even bigger change occurred in 2024 with an increase in words like delves, crucial, important and potential. Curiously, these are not words related to the scientific content of a paper but to writing style. "The unprecedented increase in excess style words in 2024 allows us to use them as markers of ChatGPT usage."

— The data suggests that at least 10 per cent of the papers on PubMed in 2024 were influenced in this way. "With ˜1.5 million papers being currently indexed in PubMed per year, this means that LLMs assist in writing at least 150 thousand papers per year," conclude the researchers. The team observed that AI-assistance was more common in papers from countries where English was not the first language.

Google Translate is using AI to translate a whopping 110 new languagesandroidcentral.com28 June 2024 (LINK)

OpenAI's ChatGPT and Microsoft's Copilot repeated a false claim about the presidential debate: conservative writer claimed without evidence the CNN debate was going to be on a "1-2 minute delay"NBC28 June 2024 (LINK)

Don't get your news from AI chatbots: if ChatGPT is making up URLs, it's also making up factsengadget.com28 June 2024 (LINK)

— Nieman Lab ran an experiment to see if ChatGPT would provide correct links to articles from news publications it pays millions of dollars to. It turns out that ChatGPT does not. Instead, it confidently makes up entire URLs. ChatGPT spat back made-up URLs that led to 404 error pages because they simply did not exist.

Character.AI just got a major upgrade allowing users to talk to AI characters as if on a phone callreadwrite.com27 June 2024 (LINK)

News non-profit Center for Investigative Reporting sues OpenAI and Microsoft for using its content without permission, alleging copyright violations and exploitation of journalismAl Jazeera /agencies27 June 2024 (LINK) — 57 media reports — (LINK)

Researchers fool university markers with AI-generated exam papers: largely undetected, outperformed real student submissions in gradesoxfordmail26 June 2024 (LINK) — 12 media reports — (LINK)

— Answers submitted for many undergraduate psychology modules went undetected in 94 per cent of cases and, on average, got higher grades than real student submissions. AI did particularly well in the first and second years of study but struggled more in the final year of study module.

Perplexity's AI search faces scrutiny: inaccurate data, ethical breaches exposed by Wired investigationccoinotag22 June 2024 (LINK)

Pope Francis becomes first pontiff to address a G7 summit, raises alarm about 65 media reports14 June 2024 (LINK)

Adobe overhauls terms of service to say it won't train AI on customers' worktheverge.com10 June 2024 (LINK)

Apple Intelligence just made all other AI look pointless: it puts the large language models (LLMs) that power generative AI inside of apps and it's private and draws together all your personal infolifewire.com10 June 2024 (LINK)

Apple WWDC 2024: the 13 biggest announcements theverge.com10 June 2024 (LINK)

— e.g. Apple is building ChatGPT into Siri

This simple logic question stumps even the most advanced AI: "Alice has [X](e.g. 2) brothers and she also has [Y](e.g. 2) sisters. How many sisters does Alice's brother have?"futurism.com9 June 2024 (LINK)

— Alice has 2 brothers and she also has 2 sisters. How many sisters does Alice's brother have? LEO's wrong answer: "Alice's brother has 2 sisters, just like Alice. This is because they share the same set of siblings."

CoPilot's wrong answer: "Alice's brothers have two sisters, one of whom is Alice herself."

ChatGPT's unhelpful answer: "Your usage limit has been reached. Please upgrade your plan to continue using." (not true)

AI chatbots intentionally spreading election-related disinformation, study by Democracy Reporting International (DRI) findseuronews8 June 2024 (LINK)

— From May 22-24, researchers asked the chatbots five questions in 10 EU languages, including how a user would register to vote if they live abroad, what to do to send a vote by mail and when the results of the European Parliament elections will be out. "When you ask [AI chatbots] something for which they didn't have a lot of material and for which you don't find a lot of information for on the Internet, they just invent something." Researchers found over one in three of their answers to be partially or completely incorrect. In contrast to Google and Microsoft bos, ChatGPT4 models rarely refused to answer questions, leading to higher rates of incorrect or partially correct answers than their chatbot competitors.

5 ways AI will change how we live in the futuretomsguide.com8 June 2024 (LINK)

7 ChatGPT-4o prompts to supercharge your businessgeeky-gadgets.com8 June 2024 (LINK)

7 ChatGPT-4o Prompts to Supercharge Your Businessgeeky-gadgets.com8 June 2024 (LINK)

How to delete your entire chat history in ChatGPTdigitaltrends.com8 June 2024 (LINK)

Google's and Microsoft's AI chatbots refuse to say who won the 2020 US electionWired7 June 2024 (LINK)

Artificial intelligence innovation revolutionizes diagnosis and treatment of dementia: algorithm can automatically map and monitor the clumped proteins responsible for Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative disorders, a task that was previously impossiblesciencealert.com6 June 2024 (LINK)

India shows how AI is changing elections around the worldNBC5 June 2024 (LINK)

Most downloaded US news app has Chinese roots and 'writes fiction' using AICNBC5 June 2024 (LINK)

ChatGPT is down again, and it's not a good look ahead of iOS 18 AI integrationbgr4 June 2024 (LINK)

AI apocalypse? ChatGPT, Claude and Perplexity all went down at the same timebusinessinsider4 June 2024 (LINK)


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