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Putin opponents exiled in Europe allege they were poisonedNewsweek16 August 2023 (LINK)

Navalny admonishes 'corrupt' Russian elite after being handed 19 more years in jailreuters/yahoo11 August 2023 (LINK)

Vladimir Putin critic Alexei Navalny jailed for a further 19 years over 'extremism' on top of 9year media reports4 August 2023 (LINK)

Putin signs law banning gender reassignment 76 media reports24 July 2023 (LINK)

Russian inflation is raging at 60%, not the reported 3.6%, thanks to the ruble's 'freefall', top economist Steve Hanke says/markets.businessinsider.com24 July 2023 (LINK)

Vladimir Putin accuses West of wanting Russians 'to kill each other' in mutiny: Putin said he had granted amnesty to the Wagner fighters whose mutiny served up the greatest challenge yet to his two-decade rule: Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin defended his aborted mutiny as a bid to save his mercenary outfit and expose the failures of Russia's military leadership — but not to challenge the 34 media reports26 June 2023 (LINK)

Putin calls rebellion 'criminal activity,' says organizers will face 97 media reports26 June 2023 (LINK)

Top US diplomat says Wagner mutiny shows 'real cracks' in Putin's government; whereabouts of Russian president and Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin remain unknown

Prigozhin posts first message since mutiny, says 'march not aimed at overthrowing government' 23 media reports26 June 2023 (LINK)

17 June 2023: Putin confirms first nuclear weapons deployed to Belarus

Russian President Vladimir Putin's secret palacejpost19 April 2023 (LINK)

The Russian ruble is at its lowest level in a year on speculation Shell is going to repatriate $1 billion of recent earningsBusiness Insider6 April 2023 (LINK)

Four bankers at Gazprombank who helped Putin's friend concert cellist Sergey Roldugin set up Swiss bank account convicted and given suspended sentences plus fines totalling $809, 63 sources30 March 2023 (LINK)

— Judge Sebastian Aeppli said it was not possible to establish the real owner of the funds, but the bankers had failed in their duty to conduct due diligence and check. "It has been proven without doubt that Roldugin cannot be the beneficial owner," Aeppli said.The bank eventually closed the accounts in September 2016.

Putin Uses Shady Fund to Buy His Lover Apartmentsthedailybeast28 February 2023 (LINK)

Fact-Checking Putin's Unhinged, Lie-Filled February 2023 (LINK)

Russia Exits From Council Of Europe And Western Dominated Organizations – OpEdsource19 February 2023 (LINK)

Russian diplomats ordered out of the 53 sources18 February 2023 (LINK)

White House: Wagner Group has suffered over 30,000 casualties in Ukrainereuters / jpost17 February 2023 (LINK)

Picture sparks more conspiracy theories about Putin 'body double'yahoo27 January 2023 (LINK)

Putin Will 'Lose His Life' If He Loses The War: Why Palantir Chief Says War Not Likely To End In Ukrainebenzinga.com17 January 2023 (LINK)

Europe's warm winter is robbing Putin of a trump card CNN16 January 2023 (LINK)

'All fighting for their motherland': Russia denies tensions between army and Wagner forceafp /firstpost.com16 January 2023 (LINK)

Moscow Appoints 'Top Tankman' As Ukraine War Commander As Russian T-90 Braces For Clash With European Tankseurasiantimes16 January 2023 (LINK)

Putin's Biggest Fear: The Ukraine War Could Start a Civil War in Russia19fortyfive.com16 January 2023 (LINK)

Russia Can't Take Key Ukrainian Region 'Quickly,' Occupation Leader AdmitsNewsweek16 January 2023 (LINK)

More Concerned With Political Than Military Risks, Putin Likely To Intensify His Attack On Ukraine — OpEdeurasiareview16 January 2023 (LINK)

Putin Is Trapped in Ukraine: Russia is Going Mercenary Crazy19fortyfive.com16 January 2023 (LINK)

Putin Slams Growing Western Arms Deliveries To Ukraineafp / barrons ●16 January 2023 (LINK)

Russian Mercenary Boss Courts Putin with Ukrainian Battlefield Successreuters / algemeiner16 January 2023 (LINK)

Putin's Wins and Lossesnytimes ●16 January 2023 (LINK)

— Russia has recorded few battlefield wins since the late summer. Instead, the losses have piled up as Ukraine retook territory in the east and south. But Russian forces recently made gains around the city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine and seemingly took Soledar, a town on the outskirts of the city. (Ukraine claims it's still fighting.) A victory in Soledar would be more symbolic than strategic, military analysts say. Russia has been deprived of wins in recent months, so any kind of success could help maintain support for Putin's war.

Putin tried to strangle Europe's energy supply. Here's how the continent is avoiding the ●16 January 2023 (LINK)

Is Sergei Lavrov looking for a way out?unherd.com16 January 2023 (LINK)

Putin Will Step Down In 2023, War In Ukraine Could End: Former Speechwriter Predictsbenzinga.com15 January 2023 (LINK)

Former Russian Commander Warns of 'Civil War' That Will 'Kill' RussiaNewsweek15 January 2023 (LINK)

Putin Hails a 'Positive Dynamic' for His Troops in Ukrainethemoscowtimes15 January 2023 (LINK)

Inside Russia's "Game Of Thrones" To Succeed Putin/worldcrunch14 January 2023 (LINK)

Vladimir Putin's Major Dilemma Exposed After Soledar Gains: Wagner vs Military — Igor GirkinNewsweek16 January 2023 (LINK)

Putin buys off the poor, writes off middle class with war budgetgwinnettdailypost14 January 2023 (LINK)

Why Is Russia Recruiting Former Afghan Soldiers for Its War Against Ukraine?Eurasia Daily Monitor, jamestown.org14 January 2023 (LINK)

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