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Coral Reefs

Reef Rescue: ETH alumni Marie Griesmar and Ulrike Pfreundt are printing 3D Lego-like clay bricks to help rebuild and regenerate the world's coral reefs.the-good-times.org12 July 2021 (LINK)

First Immortal Cell Line Cultured for Reef-Building Coralsthe-scientist.com1 July 2021 (LINK)

GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: Transnational Red Sea project to save coral reefs launched in Aqaba (LINK)

GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: The Last Great Coral Reef Wilderness (LINK)

GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: Coral Vita: Making reef rescue fun – and a business (LINK)

Digital Switzerland

Internet Computer (ICP) logs revenge recovery after crashing 95% since launchcointelegraph28 June 2021 (LINK)

GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: A Swiss initiative to redo the Internet: crypto scepticism abounds (LINK)

Leading Edge

Swiss court jails Liberian commander for 20 years in war crimes case court jails Liberian commander in war crimes caselineswissinfo18 June 2021 (LINK)

"No mitigating circumstances were taken into account in the sentencing. A deportation from Switzerland was also ordered for a period of 15 years," the said. Kosiah was also ordered to pay compensation to seven plaintiffs. Human Rights Watch called the sentencing a "landmark".

GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: Jungle Jabbah, Alieu Kosiah and the fight against war crimes impunity (LINK)

Leading Edge

GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: Transnational Red Sea project that could help save Earth’s coral reefs (LINK)

Swiss launch first transnational science expedition to study Red Sea corals in June 2021: pdf — transnational_red_sea_center — 22 April 2021


GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: Self-driving (autonomous) vehicles present us squarely with one of the toughest brain-teasing conundrums in philosophy and ethics: the trolley problem (LINK)

Police say no one was in driver's seat in fatal Tesla crash — cnn — 19 April 2021


GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: Tackling poverty and ageism post-COVID, if you can’t join Nomadland (LINK)

What Nomadland gets wrong about working at Amazon — — 13 April 2021

Nomadland Leads the BAFTA Film Awards 2021 Winners —rottentomatoes — 11 April 2021

Nomadland Scares Me To Deathpopoff27 February 2021 (LINK)

What Nomadland Gets Wrong About Gig Laborvulture22 February 2021 (LINK)

International Geneva

GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: Agenda 2021: a youth cure for the UN (LINK)

National and International Youth Empowerment: The 2020-2030 Imperative for Sustainable Development Goals Actions — ipetitions — 10 April 2021

"We propose establishment of in-country UN Youth National Councils (UNYNC), that has the potential by 2030 to empower 800 Youth in each UN Member State as action-oriented enablers and implementors of sustainable development. A similar international UNYNC at UNHQ in NY and Geneva would also empower 160 Youth from each country as International Sustainable Development Policy Makers & Negotiators."

From the Field

GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: The Continuing Battle for Okinawa (LINK)

The Battle of Okinawa: Revisiting World War II's Most Barbaric Battle — nationalinterest — 27 March 2021

Japan’s kow-towing to US is leading to ecological destruction on a majestic reef. — johnmenadue — 25 January 2021


GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: A people in need of citizenship, not sympathy (LINK)

Fire in Cox's Bazar displaces 45,000 Rohingyas (PDF) — UNOG — 23 March 2021

War Crimes

GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: Jungle Jabbah, Alieu Kosiah and the fight against war crimes impunity (LINK)

Catchup: Switzerland: Alieu Kosiah Demands US$1.5M in Compensation for six years in detention before trial — frontpageafricaonline — 5 March 2021

Kosiah Raped Me Four Times' Swiss Court Hears in Ongoing War Crimes Trial — 24 February 2021 (LINK)

Kosiah 'ordered teacher butchered, eaten', alleged victim tells court — 18 February 2021 (LINK)

Thousands dead but no prosecutions — why Liberia has not acted — bbc — 23 February 2021

Victims to testify in Swiss war crimes trial of Liberian rebel commander —reuters — 15 February 2021


GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece:  Understanding the hysteria over Hillbilly Elegy (LINK)

Glenn Close, nominee for an Oscar in Hillbilly Elegy, also features in Razzie list as worst supporting actress for same film —deadline — 12 March 2021

Digital nomads

GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: Digital nomads, Caribbean revolutionaries and making the best of lockdown through NBN (LINK)

Hit by coronavirus, Philippine beach resorts target local long-stay tourists, digital nomads — scmp — 28 February 2021

"There is even a new online booking platform for resorts offering monthly packages that will allow guests to continue working while at the beach."

My 10 Favorite Digital Nomad Basesmedium18 Jan 2021 (LINK)


GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: Swiss Style and 60 years of font war (LINK)

How Helvetica Became the “Little Black Dress” of Typography — mymodernmet — 23 February 2021


GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: Caribbean Dreams: Economic Nightmares (LINK)

The top 14 beaches in The Bahamas — lonelyplanet — 22 February 2021

Plastic in paradise: Goldman prize winner's fight to protect Bahamas — theguardian — 30 November 2020

Bahamas PM pledges to expand tax-free zones to “all marginalized areas” — ewnews — 20 November 2020

Intl. organization launches new petition against Bahamas oil exploration — ewnews — 20 November 2020

Bahamas PM pledges to expand tax-free zones to “all marginalized areas” — ewnews — 20 November 2020

Intl. organization launches new petition against Bahamas oil exploration — ewnews — 20 November 2020


GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: Pan(dem)ic policies: what WTO can do (LINK)

Incoming WTO head warns 'vaccine nationalism' could slow pandemic recovery — Reuters — 16 February 2021

Refugees and migrants

GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: Letter from Sicily: The Mediterranean – the World’s most Deadly Anti-Refugee 'Wall' (LINK)

Ocean Viking rescue operations expose Libya’s crisis out at sea — Geneva Solutions — 16 February 2021

Switzerland: COVID-19

GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: An expat’s concern over our Covid deaths (LINK)

Swiss doctors can no longer order COVID vaccines because of shortages, Health Minister tells regional newspaper (French only) — lenouvelliste — 23 January 2021

GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: Switzerland and the pandemic: Does the economy matter more? (LINK)

Thailand experiences worst coronavirus outbreak since pandemic began — skynews — 27 December 2020 (LINK)

Skiing may not spread coronavirus but slopes still risky, says U.N. — pbs — 30 November 2020

Trump politics

GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: Michael Flynn’s pardon, echoes of Moscow, and time for a new start (LINK)

'Any and all possible offenses': Trump pardon grants Flynn a sweeping reprieve — politico — 30 November 2020

"Some legal experts described Trump‘s move as perhaps the broadest act of clemency since President Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon in 1974."

Human Rights

GLOBAL INSIGHTS GENEVA piece: Jungle Jabbah and the fight against war crimes impunity (LINK)

Alain Werner of Geneva-based Civitas Maxima recognised for his fight in protecting victims of war crimes — genevasolutions — 18 November 2020

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