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China's Xi gains unprecedented third term as president: all present voted in 332 sources10 March 2023 (LINK)

China accuses Canada of smear over secret police 53 sources10 March 2023 (LINK)

China says 200 million treated, pandemic 'decisively' 19 sources16 February 2023 (LINK)

UNESCO Accused of Complicity in China's Treatment of Uyghur Heritagesource16 February 2023 (LINK)

China faces grilling in review of key rights by UN committeeapnews15 February 2023 (LINK)

Trial begins for 47 pro-democracy voices in Hong Kong, protests take place outside 26 sources6 February 2023 (LINK)

China: UN experts alarmed by separation of 1 million Tibetan children from families and forced assimilation at residential schoolssource6 February 2023 (LINK)

China suspends visas for South Koreans in virus 26 sources10 January 2023 (LINK)

China suspends social media accounts of 1,000 COVID-19 policy 57 sources7 January 2023 (LINK)

Ant Group says Jack Ma to relinquish control of 74 sources7 January 2023 (LINK)

WHO Urges China to Share Data on Origin of COVID-19 Pandemic voanews22 December 2022 (LINK)

BF.7: What to know about China's Omicron COVID variant: cbsnews20 December 2022 (LINK)

— Reports from China indicate BF.7 has the strongest infection ability out of the Omicron subvariants in the country, being quicker to transmit than other variants, having a shorter incubation period, and with greater capacity to infect people who have had a previous COVID infection, or been vaccinated, or both. To put this into context, BF.7 is believed to have an R0, or basic reproduction number, of 10 to 18.6. This means an infected person will transmit the virus to an average of 10 to 18.6 other people. Research has shown Omicron has an average R0 of 5.08. The high transmission rate of BF.7, taken with the risk of hidden spread due to the many asymptomatic carriers, is understood to be causing significant difficulty in controlling the epidemic in China.

U.S. to add over 30 Chinese companies to trade blacklist 9 sources13 December 2022 (LINK)

China's strict zero-COVID policy may be gone, but it has been replaced by chaos, confusion and risk.cbsnews9 December 2022 (LINK)

China Operating More Than 100 Police Stations 10 sources4 December 2022 (LINK)

Scientist who worked at Wuhan lab claims Covid-19 was man-made by the 15 sources4 December 2022 (LINK)

Fresh clashes erupt between police and zero-Covid protesters in south 40 sources30 November 2022 (LINK)

China factory, services activities slide to 7-month lows on COVID 19 sources30 November 2022 (LINK)

COVID-19 lockdown protests in China rattle US, world 106 sources28 November 2022 (LINK)

Huge COVID protests erupt in China's Xinjiang after deadly 31 sources26 November 2022 (LINK)

US bans new Huawei equipment sales over 'unacceptable risk' to national securitytheguardian26 November 2022 (LINK)

Apple's biggest contractor falls victim to China's zero-Covid policyscmp26 November 2022 (LINK)

Mainland China's total daily Covid cases soar above Shanghai lockdown highs at 31,000 106 sources25 November 2022 (LINK)

Six former staff of Hong Kong newspaper plead guilty to conspiracy to 22 sources22 November 2022 (LINK)

Chinese takeover of the UK's biggest chip plant blocked on national security 23 sources17 November 2022 from 16 November (LINK)

Hong Kong court upholds veteran journalist's conviction 38 sources8 November 2022 (LINK)

China Covid: Panic and fear drove iPhone factory breakoutbbc3 November 2022 (LINK)

China accused of illegal police stations in the Netherlandsbbc26 October 2022 (LINK)

China outnumbers the U.S. for the first time in ranking of the world's 'best' universitiesmarketwatch26 October 2022 (LINK)

US charges alleged Chinese spies in Huawei casedw24 October 2022 (LINK)

China will never renounce right to use force over Taiwan but will strive for a peaceful resolution, Xi saysreuters16 October 2022 (LINK)

Key takeaways From Xi Jinping's two-hour speechbloomberg16 October 2022 (LINK)

UN Human Rights Council rejects debate on Xinjiang abusesground.news6 October 2022 (LINK)

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