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35 die, 230 injured in storm that brought heavy rainfall to eastern Afghanistan, Taliban says15 July 2024 (LINK) — 32 media reports — (LINK)

Pakistan says 1.45 million Afghans can stay for another year following UN refugee chief’s visit10 July 2024 (LINK) — 19 media reports — (LINK)

First talks with the Taliban since takeover — no women allowed: At the Taliban government’s insistence, no civil society representatives were in the room with the Taliban officials, meaning no women from Afghanistan were included, prompting criticism from rights groups and activists. UN officials met Afghan civil society groups separately.BBC2 July 2024 (LINK)

Taliban delegation attends UN meeting in Qatar on Afghanistan, women excluded (video)france2430 June 2024 (LINK) — 26 media reports — (LINK)

Pakistani Taliban announce a 3-day cease-fire with security forces on Eid al-Adha 12 media reports16 June 2024 (LINK)

UN envoy defends failure to include Afghan women in upcoming meeting with the Taliban in QatarAP21 June 2024 (LINK) — 16 media reports (LINK)

— U.N. special envoy Roza Otunbayeva was pummeled with questions Friday from journalists about criticism from human rights organizations at the omission of Afghan women from the meeting in Qatar's capital, Doha, on June 30 and July 1. U.N. political chief Rosemary DiCarlo will chair the meeting, Otunbayeva said. She will attend, and a few of the 22 special envoys on Afghanistan who are women will also be there.

— Just before the Doha gathering, there will be a hybrid meeting with Afghan civil society representatives from inside and outside the country, Otunbayeva said. And on July 2, immediately after Doha, "we'll be meeting all the civil society people." Otunbayeva said the upcoming gathering will be the first face-to-face meeting between the Taliban and the envoys and will focus on what she said were "the most important acute issues of today" — private business and banking, and counter-narcotics policy. Both are about women, she said, and the envoys will tell the Taliban, "Look, it doesn't work like this. We should have women around the table. We should provide them also access to businesses." She added that "if there are, let's say, 5 million addicted people in Afghanistan, more than 30% are women."

The Taliban publicly flogs 63 people including women accused of crimes. The UN condemns main source: AP, 16 media reports5 June 2024 (LINK)

Islamic State claims responsibility for gun attack that killed three Spanish tourists in Afghanistan, says shot Christian tourists and Shiite companions shopping in Bamiyan's bazaar in central 71 media reports17 May 2024 (LINK)

Flash floods in northern Afghanistan killed more than 300 people, WPF sayscbsnews11 May 2024 (LINK)

Afghanistan's only female diplomat resigns in India after gold smuggling 26 media reports4 May 2024 (LINK)

An old land mine found by children near an Afghanistan village explodes, killing 22 media reports1 April 2024 (LINK)

Taliban hold third public execution in five days as thousands watch at a stadium in northern 20 media reports26 February 2024 (LINK)

2 Afghans who were detained at Guantanamo Bay for 14 years have been released from house arrest since 2017 in Oman, the Taliban 18 media reports12 February 2024 (LINK)

nypost: The UN is paying illegals using US taxpayer cash The UN, with the helping hands of 248 named non-governmental organizations, is indeed giving debit cards to illegal migrants — funded, in large part, by US taxpayers.nypost23 January 2024 (LINK)

Almost 100,000 Afghan children are in dire need of support, 3 months after earthquakes: 26 media reports15 January 2024 (LINK)

A minibus exploded in a mostly Shiite Muslim neighborhood in Afghanistan's capital of Kabul killing at least two civilians and wounding 14 others, a Taliban official 28 media reports6 January 2024 (LINK)

Gunmen kill 6 barbers in a former stronghold of the Pakistani Taliban near the Afghan 17 media reports2 January 2024 (LINK)

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