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Biden Brief

Biden joins UAW strikers, the first sitting president to join a picket line: 'You deserve a hell of a lot more' media reports27 September 2023 (LINK)

— Biden: "You guys, the UAW, you saved the automobile industry back in 2008 ... you made a lot of sacrifices. You gave up a lot. And the companies were in trouble. Now they're doing incredibly well and guess what? You should be doing incredibly well."

→ Hunter Biden 'received $250K wire originating in Beijing with beneficiary address listed as Joe Biden's home' → 16 media reports26 September 2023 (LINK)

→ Biden's dog Commander bites Secret Service agent again — marking 11th attacknypost26 September 2023 (LINK)

Biden hosts Pacific Island leaders in latest effort to counter China's influencePBS News Hour video25 September 2023 (LINK)

NYPost: Biden fumbles acronym during Pacific Islands forum speech: 'Doesn't matter what we call it,' he jokes — (LINK)

Factcheck: No, Joe Biden was not replaced by an actor in 2019eu.usatoday.com14 September 2023 (LINK)

→Biden claims without evidence he was at Ground Zero on day after 9/11 attacks→ media reports11 September 2023 (LINK)

— Records show that Biden was in the U.S. Senate on September 12, 2001, and gave a floor speech about the terrorist attacks. His first known visit to Ground Zero was on September 20, 2001. He faces criticism for not visiting any of the attack sites on the anniversary and for giving his speech in Alaska instead. He is the first president in 22 years to neither spend the day at an attack site nor the White House.

US 5th Circuit finds Biden White House, CDC likely violated First Amendmentwww.washingtonpost.com7 September 2023 (LINK)

— The judges wrote that the White House, the Surgeon General, the CDC and the FBI likely "coerced the platforms to make their moderation decisions by way of intimidating messages and threats of adverse consequences" on coronavirus and elections.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation said said the ruling was an improvement over a temporary injunction U.S. District Judge Terry A. Doughty issued July 4.Doughty, an appointee of former president Trump, had ordered originally.

Doughty's decision had affected a wide range of government departments and agencies, and imposed 10 specific prohibitions on government officials. The appeals court threw out nine of those and modified the 10th to limit it to efforts to "coerce or significantly encourage social-media companies to remove, delete, suppress, or reduce, including through altering their algorithms, posted social-media content containing protected free speech."

Special counsel David Weiss to seek indictment of Hunter Biden this 185 media reports6 September 2023 (LINK)

— Hunter Biden's legal team claims that he is abiding by the terms of a diversion agreement, while prosecutors argue for an indictment.

? Former Ukrainian prosecutor accuses Joe Biden of corruption claiming that Biden bribed Ukrainian officials in exchange for his firing? However, State Department officials, activists, and diplomats have disputed Shokin's claims, stating that he was fired due to his failure to prosecute corruption main source: FoxNews, 9 media reports25 August 2023 (LINK)

Factcheck: Donald Trump vastly underestimates job gains under Joe Bidenpolitifact5 August 2023 (LINK)

— "During Biden's first 30 months in office, just 2.1 million new jobs were created, and by contrast, during my first 30 months in office we created 4.9 million new jobs," Trump said Aug. 5. We have previously fact-checked Biden for exaggerating the scale of job gains on his watch, but none of Biden's statements were as far off base as Trump's. When Biden took office in January 2021, the U.S had almost 143 million nonfarm jobs. By Biden's 30th month in office — June 2023 — the number of nonfarm jobs had risen to 156.2 million. That's an increase of 13.2 million jobs, or more than six times as big as the 2.1 million jobs Trump referenced in his speech.

Devon Archer: Hunter Biden, Burisma execs 'called DC' to get Ukrainian prosecutor fired: Hunter Biden put his father, Joe Biden, on speakerphone during meetings with business partners at least 20 times, and that Joe Biden was put on the phone to sell "the brand.": Archer also testified that Burisma executives pressured Hunter Biden in December 2015 to get help from Washington, 8 media reports →31 July 2023 (LINK)

Biden publicly acknowledges 7th grandchild for first time: says 4-year-old granddaughter Navy is 'family matter', not a political issue.www.aljazeera.com28 July 2023 (LINK)

Hunter Biden judge says can't accept plea deal in surprise turn, and Biden pleads not 139 media reports26 July 2023 (LINK)

President Biden's determination to "build the economy from the middle out and the bottom up", appears to be paying off.see_link25 July 2023 (LINK)

Biden's narrative on never discussing business deals with Hunter continues to crumble: Hunter Biden's longtime business partner reportedly to testify then-Vice President Joe Biden frequently sat in on business calls with ● →25 July 2023 (LINK)

Fact check: Does newly released 'FD-1023' document prove Burisma CEO gave two $5m bribes to Bidens? Nowww.snopes.com21 July 2023 (LINK)

heathercoxrichardson: Biden's new measures to promote competition in the economyheathercoxrichardson.substack.com19 July 2023 (LINK)

?Barack Obama was right to be wary of Joe Biden's ability to 'f––k things up'? ● → →12 July 2023 (LINK)

Trump promises to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Biden family if elected in 2024→ 7 media reports1 July 2023 (LINK) FactChecking Biden's Campaign-Style Speeches: Biden has been giving a series of campaign-style speeches, touting the success of his economic policies, which he calls "Bidenomics," and talking about his efforts to diversify the federal courts. But we found that some of his claims were wrong or imprecise.www.factcheck.org30 June 2023 (LINK)

— Biden wrongly claimed to have "appointed more African American women" to federal judgeships than "every other president combined." He's had more African American women confirmed than any other president, but not more than all of them combined. Biden exaggerated the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on reducing carbon emissions. Biden noted that the share of "working-age Americans" in the workforce is the highest it's been in roughly 20 years, which is correct for those age 25 to 54. But when including those age 55 and older, labor force participation rates are still below the pre-pandemic level.

Biden proposes new measures for student loan relief after Supreme Court defeat" ●30 June 2023 (LINK)

No, Supreme Court ruling does not eliminate other student loan forgiveness programs30 June 2023 (LINK)

— The Supreme Court struck down the Biden administration plan to forgive $10,000 to $20,000 in student debt for most borrowers. However, other forgiveness programs that have existed for years remain in place, although only borrowers who meet specific conditions qualify for those.

Republican House Oversight Committee chair Comer claims Biden family 'may' have taken $40 million in payments → 8 media reports — factuality: mixed rating 30 June 2023 (LINK)

Republican House Oversight Committee chair Comer claims Biden family 'may' have taken $40 million in payments → 8 media reports — factuality: mixed rating 30 June 2023 (LINK)

U.S. House of Representatives fails to overturn Biden veto in effort to cancel student debt reliefthehill.com21 June 2023 (LINK)

US House of Representatives Oversight Committee subpoenas former Hunter Biden business 9 media reports12 June 2023 (LINK)

Biden is more unfit for office by the minute while GOP nominees devolve into ●11 June 2023 (LINK)

Evidence against the Biden crime family is mounting across the ● →9 June 2023 (LINK)

Fact check: Trump's baseless '1,850 boxes' attacks on Biden's legal and normal University of Delaware documents collectionedition.cnn.com10 June 2023 (LINK)

Here's what to know about GOP claims of a Biden scandaledition.cnn.com9 June 2023 (LINK)

*Joe Biden allegedly paid $5M by Burisma executive as part of a bribery scheme, according to FBI ● →8 June 2023 (LINK)

Biden gets low ratings on economy (33%), guns, immigration in AP-NORC Pollap / 51 media reports22 May 2023 (LINK)

Review of the Hunter Biden story and more: Heather Cox Richardsonsource10 May 2023 (LINK)

— There is no evidence that the payments were illegal. Republicans have turned up no evidence that President Joe Biden was part of the other Bidens' businesses or received any money in relation to them.

Harris seeks to reset U.S.-Africa relations on 3-nation tour. The vice president is the fifth Biden official in three months to visit the continentpolitico26 March 2023 (LINK)

Factcheck: The U.S. After Two Years of President Bidenfactcheck27 January 2023 (LINK)

— Republicans frequently complain that Biden has "shut down" U.S. oil production. But under Biden, crude oil production in the United States has increased by 4%. On the other hand, Biden has failed to live up to his promise to substantially increase the number of refugees the U.S. admits every year.

Factcheck: Classified Documents Found in Biden's Former Office and Garagefactcheck weekly12 January 2023 (LINK)

EPA restores water regulations once diluted during the Trump erapbs30 December 2022 (LINK)

Energy Dept vacates 1950s decision revoking security clearance for 'father of the atomic bomb' J. Robert Oppenheimerthehill16 December 2022 (LINK)

Putting 'Profits Over People', Senate Rejects Paid Sick Leave for Rail Workerscommondreams1 December 2022 (LINK)

US judge in Texas blocks President Biden's student debt forgiveness plan in addition to court of appeals ; new appeal filedusatoday10 November 2022 (LINK)

Joe Biden vs the record in office of his Republican predecessor, and the visions of the Democrats and Republicans going forwardheathercoxrichardson21 October 2022 (LINK)

Joe Biden's 23 greatest achievements as president of the United States ... so farreuters30 September 2022 (LINK)

— "Biden's presidency has been transformative, although it didn't appear to be that way in the beginning."

Gaffe or insight? Deciphering Biden's unguarded answersreuters27 September 2022 (LINK)

— As Biden himself told steelworkers this month: "No one has ever doubted I mean what I say; the problem is I sometimes say all that I mean."

Biden commits another $2.9bn to fight world hunger as Russia's invasion of Ukraine takes global tollCNN21 September 2022 (LINK)

13 U.S. States set to tax student loan forgivenessdefendernetwork5 September 2022 (LINK)

FactCheck: Q&A on Biden's student loan / tucsonsentinel5 September 2022 (LINK)

* Biden's diabolical student debt scheme robs the poor to give to the richdaily mail / msn1 September 2022 (LINK)

Zuckerberg tells Rogan FBI warning prompted Biden laptop story censorshipBBC26 August 2022 (LINK)

Hunter Biden: The struggles and scandals of the US president's son: bbc 15 June 2022

Biden succeeds again on an issue where Trump tried and failed: pharma pricesmsnbc16 August 2022 (LINK)

— "For the first time, Medicare will be empowered to negotiate the cost of some of the most expensive prescription medications with the pharmaceutical industry."

* → Department of Education makes $300 billion accounting mistake on student loans19fortyfive7 August 2022 (LINK)

— "None of this bad accounting includes any of the Biden administration's recent or forthcoming actions on student loans."

Biden tests negative for COVID-19 but will continue isolation, pending a second negative testusatoday6 August 2022 (LINK)

Number of uninsured Americans drops to record lowabcnews2 August 2022 (LINK)

Heather Cox Richardson: "Biden has defended democracy across the globe, accomplishing more in foreign diplomacy than any president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt" substack23 July 2022 (LINK)

Rep. Ilhan Omar criticizes Biden's meeting and fist-bump with MBS: 'This whole trip sends the wrong message'Business Insider18 July 2022 (LINK)

Biden scraps Trump's Air Force One paint scheme because of heating risksNBCnews10 June 2022 (LINK)

Biden administration announces new ocean conservation proposalsthehill8 June 2022 (LINK)

Biden announces free internet for millions of low-income Americanstheweek9 May 2022 (LINK)

Biden's economic stimulus packageheathercoxrichardson6 May 2022 (LINK)

Biden says he's considering student loan debt forgiveness, but not $50,000 per borrowercbsnews28 April 2022 (LINK)

In recent speeches, President Joe Biden has been misleadingly taking credit for cutting federal deficits by historic amounts, though most of the reduction in deficits is the result of expiring emergency pandemic spendingnewsfactsnetwork28 April 2022 (LINK)

Why Hunter Biden's Laptop Will Never Go Awaytheatlantic28 April 2022 (LINK)

Biden blocks sales of inefficient lightbulbs, reversing Trump-era policycnbc26 April 2022 (LINK)

US judge throws out Biden mask mandate for planes and trainsthehill19 April 2022 (LINK)

Mac Repair Shop Owner Reveals 'Multiple' Attempts to Insert 'Questionable Material' On Hunter Biden's Laptopmediaite12 April 2022 (LINK)

Biden sets rule banning sale of untraceable DIY 'ghost gun' kitsBBC11 April 2022 (LINK)

How much legal jeopardy is Hunter Biden in?vox11 April 2022 (LINK)

Secret Service renting mansion for over $30,000 to protect Hunter BidenThe Guardian4 April 2022 (LINK)

Biden rescinds controversial Title 42 order limiting asylumthehill1 April 2022 (LINK)

Biden to announce minimum 20% tax on billionaires in 2023 budget plan — reportThe Guardian26 March 2022 (LINK)

Ketanji Brown Jackson: the hearingsheathercoxrichardson25 March 2022 (LINK)

Biden nominee Sarah Bloom Raskin, who has spoken of the impact of climate change on then U.S., withdraws her candidacy for Federal Reserve board under conservative attackscnbc15 March 2022 (LINK)

U.S. VP Kamala Harris Was Not 'Laughing at Refugees'truthorfiction10 March 2022 (LINK)

Biden rejects critical findings of Army report on Afghanistanground.news11 sFebruary 2022 (LINK)

Black voters are fleeing Biden in droves. Here's whythehill13 February 2022 (LINK)

Miss USA "murdered" and a Biden "cover-up" in this week's dubious tabloidsboingboing12 February 2022 (LINK)

Biden science adviser Eric Lander resigns after violating workplace bullying policyaxios8 February 2022 (LINK)

Farmers flourish under Biden, see recovery from Trump-era trade warsNBCnews29 January 2022 (LINK)

Economy grew 5.7% last year, its best showing since 1984, as activity revived amid pandemicusatoday25 January 2022 (LINK)

Biden refers to Fox News correspondent as a "stupid son of a bitch"cbsnews24 January 2022 (LINK)

Biden reverses Trump-era rule on dishwasher, washer, dryer efficiencyupi13 January 2022 (LINK)

Don Jr. Mockingly Shares Graph Showing Biden Has Created Way More Jobs Than His Dadcomicsands11 January 2022 (LINK)

Fact-check: Does Biden have 'the lowest approval rating of any president ever'? No, currently just below Trump's higheststatesman7 January 2022 (LINK)

Media reaction to President Biden's speech about Trumppoynter7 January 2022 (LINK)

The 10 best things Biden did in 2021washingtonpost28 December 2021 (LINK)

Numbers Show Joe Biden's Economy Is Actually Beating The Worldnationalmemo22 December 2021 (LINK)

"U.S. economic output has jumped more than 7% in the last three months of 2021. Overall growth for 2021 should be about 6%, and economists predict growth of around 4% in 2022—the highest numbers the U.S. has seen in decades. The Biden administration has created 4.1 million jobs, more than were created in the 12 years of the Trump and George W. Bush administrations combined. Wages in America are growing at about 4% a year, compared with less than 1% a year in the eurozone. The American Rescue Plan, passed by Democrats in March without a single Republican vote, cut child poverty in half. More than 4.6 million Americans who were not previously insured have gotten healthcare coverage through the Affordable Care Act. U.S. companies[...] are showing profit margins higher than they have been since 1950, at 15%. Companies have reduced their debt, which has translated to a strong stock market" — (heathercoxrichardson)

The media treats Biden as badly as — or worse than — Trumpwashingtonpost3 December 2021 (LINK)

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