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Useful news items from around the world of particular interest to Youth Writes users, provided via the Global Geneva Insights Group

Tips for youthful readers on surviving, psychologically, in the COVID era

digitalswitzerland: NextGen Future Skills workshops, till 15 November: "Our [online] format is aimed at interested young people aged 13–16": free.see_link20 September–15 November 2023 (LINK)

Young Professionals Pass — 20 free tickets available for rookie traders see_link28 September 2023 (LINK)

With climate misinformation on the rise, here's how to spot it: Play Cranky Unclewfae25 September 2023 (LINK)

22 things people tend to hate when they're kids but can't get enough of when they're finally adultswww.buzzfeed.com28 August 2023 (LINK)

— 1. Water. 2. Being at home. 3. Having absolutely nothing to do.

23 things teens might not realize about being an adult, and I wish I heard more of these things when I was youngerwww.buzzfeed.com28 August 2023 (LINK)

— 1. "Nobody really knows what they're doing." 2. "Everything is expensive when you move out." 3. "Being popular in high school means absolutely NOTHING in the real world! So don't worry about it."

free .X domain to match your X (formerly known as Twitter) name!unstoppabledomains25 August 2023 (LINK)

Digital Switzerland offers financial support for digital upskillinglifelonglearning.ch10 August 2023 (LINK)

— We reopened applications for our Boost programme for the next two weeks. Are you planning to do a skill-building course in the near future or have just enrolled in one? Apply now for financial support of up to 1000 CHF (max. 50% of the course fee). Limited spots available. Applications accepted until 24 August.

Thousands of Chromebooks Are 'Expiring,' Forcing Schools to Toss Them Outwww.extremetech.com24 July 2023 (LINK)

A man in the Swiss village of Lenk is hoping to attract digital nomads with mountain views and communitywww.euronews.com8 July 2023 (LINK)

— Running from 16 October to 22 December, the hub will have private apartments suitable for everyone from solo nomads to families. Each one has its own desk for more individual business but there's also a co-working space to get to know your fellow residents.

This village in the Swiss Alps has around 2,500 permanent residents with about 15 per cent of them having moved from other countries. Some 20 different hiking trails start there with a selection of the highest peaks in Europe easily accessible by car or public transport. There's also horseback riding, cycling and other outdoor activities in the summer months. In winter, there are 200km of ski slopes to take advantage of in the region.

Fact check: Why do we believe fake news? And what can we do against it?www.dw.com8 July 2023 (LINK)

— Negative content triggers us the most.

The world's best universities in 2024 have been unveiled. 5 of the top 10 are in Europe, including ETH Zurichwww.euronews.com5 July 2023 (LINK)

Bringing Leonardo da Vinci's designs to life: altering the design in some cases — in order to better understand how they worked.actu.epfl.ch3 July 2023 (LINK)

5 ways to spark meaningful youth inclusion in decision-makingunfoundation.org29 June 2023 (LINK)

Teaching students to analyze fake newssedutopia.orgource31 January 2023 (LINK)

From Portugal to Bali, these 28 countries and territories offer 'digital nomad visas' for remote workersBusiness Insider8 December 2022 (LINK)

Online safety: what young people really think about social media, big tech regulation and adults 'overreacting'theconversation8 December 2022 (LINK)

Discover why the future of work is in remote teams (podcast)jeffbullas24 November 2s022 (LINK)

Two Stanford professors explain how to produce hundreds of world-changing ideas in 1 hourentrepreneur22 November 2022 (LINK)

Sixth grader's art featured on totes from local businesscentralmaine13 November 2022 (LINK)

Graines de Paix: The ethos of sowing the seeds of peace in the classroomgenevasolutions11 November 2022 (LINK)

Quentin Knight, the Genevois who represents Swiss youth at COP 27radiolac10 November 2022 (LINK: in French)

Belgian 'child prodigy' starts doctorate at prestigious German institute aged 12brusselstimes3 November 2022 (LINK)

China outnumbers the U.S. for the first time in ranking of the world's 'best' universitiesmarketwatch26 October 2022 (LINK)

14-year-old from California named America's top young scientist3blmedia19 October 2022 (LINK)

— Leanne Fan's invention, Finsen Headphones, looks to provide an antibiotic free, low-cost option to detect and treat a mid-ear infection using machine learning and blue light therapy. The use of Finson Headphones could potentially reduce the number of children who suffer from hearing loss by up to 60 percent.

Teenager solves stubborn maths riddle about prime number look-alikesquantamagazine12 October 2022 (LINK)

Best universities for blockchain 2022: ETH Zurich, down to 27 from 17coindesk26 September 2022 (LINK)

Many U.S. adults did not learn media literacy skills in high school. What schools can do nowedweek10 September 2022 (LINK)

— In a recent Media Literacy Now survey, a significant majority of the people — 84 percent — ssaid they are in favor of state policies that require schools to teach media literacy skills. Fifteen states address media literacy in some way in education law.

High school students invent automatic walker for Parkinson's patientskomonews8 September 2022 (LINK)

7 unconventional uses for your Swiss Army knifeesquire7 September 2022 (LINK)

5 books that help anyone understand modern financenextbigideaclub6 September 2022 — (LINK)

This 17-year old created an AI-powered app to help farmers combat invasive species across the worldforbes6 September 2022 (LINK)

All the personal-finance books are wrong: they tend to treat their readers like fools without willpowertheatlantic1 September 2022 — (LINK)

How much is that influencer worth? The answer may surprise youthedrum31 August 2022 (LINK)

United Nations Young Leaders Online Training Programmechocnews29 August 2022 — (LINK)

Want to live abroad as a digital nomad? This how much you could earn in your job in 38 countriesdigitaltrends14 August 2022 — (LINK)

— A web developer who wants to be based in Europe can see that they'd be paid more in Switzerland ($88,496) or Denmark ($70,763), as compared to France ($43,757) or the Netherlands ($40,531), and in stark contrast to Greece ($13,492) or Portugal ($15,557).

Google algorithms can tell you when sources agree on factsmediapost11 August 2022 (LINK)

10-year-old artist creates a modern-day 'Guernica' dedicated to Ukrainemymodernmet10 August 2022 (LINK)

5 reasons to beware of note-taking appsmakeuseof4 August 2022 — (LINK)

The fastest online digital marketing degrees: how to get your digital marketing degree fastcareerkarma4 August 2022 — (LINK)

How The Economist is the worst propagandamedium3 August 2022 (LINK)

The 15 best college majors that pretty much guarantee a top-paying jobthepennyhoarder15 July 2022 — (LINK)

Want to triple your memory in 5 minutes? Guinness world record holder shares tricks to improve cognitionfirstforwomen15 July 2022 (LINK)

Best undergrad and grad web development college certificatescareerkarma13 July 2022 — (LINK)

The Top U.S. colleges and universities for artificial intelligence programscareerkarma4 July 2022 — (LINK)

How to apply for U.S. colleges: a step-by-step guidezdnet25 June 2022 — (LINK)

Best online colleges for working adults: our picks for 2022zdnet16 June 2022 — (LINK)

15 best online jobs for teens in 2022zdnet8 June 2022 — (LINK)

Self-paced online colleges: Top schools to learn at your speedzdnet8 June 2022 — (LINK)

Best U.S. online colleges and universities: 2022zdnet6 June 2022 — (LINK)

Cheapest U.S. online colleges: The most affordable undergraduate degreeszdnet6 June 2022 — (LINK)

With Money From Facebook, 10 Colleges Turn Their Campuses into 'Metaversities'edsurge1 June 2022 (LINK)

Graduates from these 5 top European universities can now move to the UK for up to 3 years without a job offer, including two from SwitzerlandBusiness Insider1 June 2022 (LINK)

10 top universities that have blockchain and crypto courseseurasiareview: University of Zurich was the first to establish a Blockchain Center back in 2017.6 May 2022 — (LINK)

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